World famous fishing brand StrikePro is always first when it comes to developing new products and this year they bring you the highly exciting new colour range of the one and only Pig Shad Jr! If you have never heard of this softbait before, you are certainly missing out some and nearly impossible, because it’s without a doubt one of the most trending topics on social media of the last couple of years!

The original design came from ”The Pig”, a glider style jerkbait that caused mayhem in waters for a long time. The reason why this softbait is so succesfull is quite simple. It has a wide fat belly, and if there is one thing that Pike like, it’s this. The absolutely love big profile baits, and the Pig Shad Jr. is one that matches this perfectly. It has proven to be a big fish catching machine to many people around the world, including myself. Measuring 9 inches in length and weighing around 3oz, it’s a great all season bait! It has a very attractive action and can be fished dead slow, as well as medium or fast. No matter what your retreive speed might be, it moves through the water like no other, and the rolling head and belly action completed with a paddle tail is something no Esox can resist!

The exciting new colour range for 2016!

Taking a view at the colour scheme above they all look good, and more importantly, feel good. One of the downsides of fishing with softbaits is durability, but the Pig Shad Jr. is made from very good quality rubber, and will not rip or tear apart after a few strikes. The same goes for the colours painted on this lure. All in all it’s a product that is ment to last, cast after cast! This softbait comes in a package of two, so you will always have a spare one, just in case. There are many ways when it comes to rigging a softbait like this. You can either use a convencional jig head, or a single weedless 10/0 hook, but I personally prefer to rig it using a special designed screw wich is called the ”BFT Flexhead Pike” (1/4 oz). The reason why I don’t choose to use a shallow screw, is simple: speed. When using only a shallow screw, you will notice that when you are reeling in your softbait fast, it starts to spin from left to right (this goes for any kind of softbait) and will easily turn over. I want it to run in a straight line, so that’s why I have chosen to add a little weight in front. You can also put on a leadweight first, and after the softbait, but I like to have an all in one solution, so thats why I use the BFT Flexhead Pike with integrated lead weight. The cool thing about this is, that it not only runs great, but that underneath the head is also an eye to wich you can attach your stinger to! It’s the best of both worlds between a jighead and a screw!

Like you propably have already seen in the cover picture of this article, a rather sober rig is used. If you are looking on the internet for softbait rigging solutions, there are many different ones around. Some come with swivels, splitrings and other options. I’d like to keep things simple, so that’s why I developed my own rig for the Pig Shad Jr. containing two razor sharp Gamakatsu Treble 13b size 1, AFW titanium 75lb, a splitring, and some spikes to keep things in place. That’s all! The splitring is attached to the lower eye of the Flexhead, and 3 spikes are pushed into the softbait. This rig is a ”quick strike” rig. Because there are no splitrings attached to the hooks, they can only move around in the loop created within the titanium wire. But that’s more than enough. When a Pike strikes, the whole thing releases immediately, because there is no much room to turn around. The power of any strike will force the rig to come out, and do what it’s designed for, catching fish!

One of my favourite colours, ”Malaren” approved by Esox!