Originally designed back in 2002, Joe Peterson’s TrueGlide Guppie, is truly a one of a kind masterpiece! Responsible for many tournament wins and Big fish, this jerkbait has got all the ingredients you could possibly ask for. The first thing you’ll notice when picking one up, is the outstanding paintjob that almost give these lures their own soul. 3D eyes and breathtaking new technology with inside glitters and paint which Joe is most famous for, are covered up by a finish tough as nails! Take it or leave it, the Strike Pro Guppie this is THE next Big thing in Muskie & Pike land!

In the ever growing supply of lures coming out each day it’s hard to stand out. It’s even harder to serve an artificial meal to fish of something that they’ve never seen before. CWC AB and Joe Peterson did just that! The Strike Pro Guppie is truly unique. It’s got an action that I’ve never seen before in a jerkbait this style. It’s like a typical glider, but different. The action can be quite simply described as unpredictable. If you’re a fan of Big water fishing, than the Guppie is your new best friend. As we all know, Muskie or Pike like a large profile, and this jerkbait is just that. It’s not only wide, but also high, which creates a firm movement in the water, no fish can stand around. When holding the bait in your hand, you’ll notice it’s kinda heavy, in fact 4.23 oz (120gr), and 8 inches (220mm) long. The Guppie is a sinking lure, and when casted with a medium / heavy rod, you can throw it a long way. This is all a huge plus. You got a bait that is heavy enough to go far, yet light enough to fish all day. It comes standard with 2 Owner 2/0 trebles, and quality splitrings.

”6 breathtaking colours to choose from.”

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fishing this bait. Straight out of the package you’ll notice it comes with a curly tail attached. With it’s tail fully stretched out in the water, it gives a the fish a large profile of around 11 inches (30cm). A welcome extra is a softplastic paddle tail. The curly tail can be put on with ease, by a cork screw mechanism. If you want to change tails on the go, simply screw one off, and the other one on, and vice versa. It’s that simple, and because of the grip the cork screw has, the tails will never come off. Straight out of the pack it comes with a kinda red / orange tail, but being your own magican, and trying something different is never wrong. There are loads of softplastic tails on the market to buy, and the sky is the limit. Just as long as the softplastic body is thick enough, you can put on whatever colour of tail you like!

”The Guppie comes standard with a curly and paddle tail.”

If your’e used to fishing with glider style jerkbaits than your’e in for a treat. One thing that’s absolutely crucial when fishing like this is contact. Most jerkbaits out there lack this big-time. Only a handfull of baits on the market carry out an action like one that can be found on the Guppie, and if you’ve ever experienced it you’ll know what I mean. With the curly tail on, casting out and reeling back in, with downwards pulls from the rodtip, you’ll feel this bait push and plow through the water. It’s got a very consistent flow from left to right and wobble as you stop reeling it in. In fact, it will wobble and fall straight down like a wounded fish, something that is a deadly proven technique for Big predators like the Muskie or Pike! No matter if the fish are within 10 or a 100 yards away, they will feel the movement of this bait through the water, and that’s something truly one of a kind. The fact that this bait doesn’t carry a rattle chamber makes it extra special. Sometimes a rattle inside can spook fish on pressured waters, so this ”silent” killer will eliminate just that!

”A puppie on the Guppie”

There are so many ways on how this jerkbait can be fished. In fact, it’s not really 100% a ”jerkbait”. It’s a combination of a glider style bait and a shad. If you are not the kind of girl or guy who likes to fish this bait active all day, you can simply cast it out and reel it in. With the curly tail on it will make large S shaped curves in the water, which can be very effective at times. On the other hand, when screwing on the paddle, you can create a shad like action just as like you would normally get when fishing a Pigshad. You can still fish it like a glider, but it has a way different action now. It’s all up to you really how you do it it, but I personally prefer the curly tail. It runs around 6 feet (2m) deep when fished slow and higher when jerked in faster. It all depends on how long you let it sink to the bottom. Because of this it’s ideal to target water depths upto 13 feet (4m). Just as said above, the fish will feel it’s movement as the bait goes through the water.

All and all this new bait it going to take the market by storm in the next few years. There will be a huge demand for it, and it will catch huge fish too, I can guarantee you that. It brings a fresh new light into the ever growing lure fishing industry, and that’s always a good thing. This jerkbait is pure perfection in it’s very own way, and I’m sure it won’t be the last CWC AB and Joe Peterson will put out. I would personally see a crankbait version of this bait, that could be a potentially winner. But who knows what’s coming in the near future. We’ll never know, but one thing is for sure, with this new StrikePro Guppie, you’ll have a very real change of catching yourself a fish of a lifetime!

”Big Pike LOVE the Guppie!”