Ever since the early days, metal lures been around. Being one of the earliest baits available, spoons have been responsible for millions of fish caught over the years. Often overlooked and underestimated, this piece of metal can be extremely effective and coming from a high-quality company like StrikePro, you just know they’re going to catch fish. Meet the Buster Spoon!

What is it?

The StrikePro Buster Spoon is a 5,5” (14cm) long lure specifically made for spinning and trolling purposes. It weights 1,5 ounces (45gr) so casting this bait on any spinning/reel setup is easy. The action of this spoon is very nice. It has a flashing and rolling action through the water. Perfect for targeting members of the Esox family such as Muskie or Pike. It has a torpedo-like shape, and because it sinks you can run it at any depth of the water column, and it comes in six exciting colors. So for every Esox angler, there’s a color of their choice!

”Six exciting colors to choose from”

Where to fish it? 

The Buster Spoon can be fished in a variety of different ways. You can either choose to cast it out and let it sink to the bottom and then fish it back in a jigging motion with your rod tip. You can also choose to cast it out, and retrieve it on a moderate to slow speed, let it dartle around in the water like a wounded baitfish. Or just plain simple troll it on a flat line or planer board behind your boat. The Buster Spoon runs, depending on the diameter of your line, between 3 and 6 feet (1,8m). If you want to fish deeper water, you can attach a small sinker on the front end of the splitring that it comes with, or simply use a bottom bouncer to make it run down any desired depth. The possibilities are endless! All in all the StrikePro Buster Spoon is a very versatile lure that can be used all year round but excels in the Winter and Spring when members of the Esox family feed on smaller baits. Try one out, I’m sure it won’t disappoint!