A history of Pike fishing (Volume 1)

This is an extraordinarily well-researched and comprehensive book on the history of pike fishing, and incidentally of angling generally. Beautifully illustrated. There are many books on pike fishing, but until now none of them had provided the reader with a comprehensive history of the sport.

It not only explores the specific discipline of pike fishing, but also examines its status within the context of the social and economic history unfolding around it. Intensely detailed and wide ranging, entirely based upon original research.

Contents include, ancestral voices, pike fishing before 1815, prophesying progress 1815-1865; fertile ground, the Golden Age 1865-1914, where bloomed many an incense-bearing tree – ‘pikeists’ of the Golden Age, stately pleasure domes – the angling exhibitions of the Golden Age, a mighty fountain – pike fishing in the Golden Age, beneath a waning moon – the pike fishing dark ages, 1914-1950; notes to the text.

The index and notes refer to many sources. A bibliography will be included in Volume II which will cover the period 1950 to the present day.

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