A history of Pike fishing (Volume 2)

A History of Pike Fishing Volume 1 covers pike fishing in great detail up to 1950. Volume 2 brings the story up to the present.

Chapters include: The journey to the contemporary era, 1951-1971; The trumpet of a prophesy, The Pike Society and beyond, Ways and waters of the contemporary era, 1971 to the present, Trout-water pike, North of the border, Plain and hill – over the water, The story of lure fishing for pike, Of sport and trophies.

Appendices include: Alfred Jardine’s Maidstone pike, Dispute between Alfred Jardine, E.T. Sachs and others, over a Lough Conn pike, Lists, monsters and tall tales, Notes to the text.

Designed and produced by Stephen Harper, only 450 copies of this edition have been printed.

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