Trophy List

”A True Winter Giant 51.57” (131cm)”

”A Summer Giant 51,57” (131cm)”

”Late Summer Mega Super Pike 50,78” (129cm)”

”A fish of a lifetime. 50” (127cm)”

”The Big Pre-Spring Pike 49.21” (125cm)”

”The Mid-Winter Monster 49.21” (125cm)”

”Fall Mega Beast 48.81” (124cm)”
”The Leopard Pike. 48,42” (123cm)”

”The Early Fall Giant 48.42” (123cm)”

giant pike on the fly with the abu garcia beast bellyboat and navionics relief shading”Post-Spawn Giant on the Fly 48.42” (123cm)”

”The Cold-front Giant 48.42” (123cm)”

”Storm Cloud Summer Pike 48.42” (123cm)”

”Fall Beauty 48.03” (122cm)”

”Fall Tanker 48.03” (122cm)”

”Mid-Winter Beast 48’03” (122cm)”

”Summer Pike 121cm (47’63”)”

”Fat Summer Pike 120cm (47’24”)”

”Summer Pike 120cm (47’24”)”

”Sunset Summer Pike 120cm (47’24”)”

”Late Summer Pike 120cm (47’24”)”

(Pa)Trolling waters since ’88, in my life it’s all around the experience. The chase, the hunt, the catch what else do you need?

The best fish to exist on this planet, whether it be Muskie or Pike. For years and years I’ve been chasing after those fish, and still. On the continent of Europe, and Holland in particular it’s all about the Pike. I started fishing at a very early age. Straight onto the water. The first years it was all about the zander. Great sportfish too! Onwards came Asp and big Perch. But there was something else in the water that caught my eye.. A green and mean machine. The top predator of the water … The mighty Esox, the ruler of all. 700 teeth and a muscular body that could reach enormous lengths up to 140cm’s or 55.11inch how’d you like to call it! The goal was set. The mission started … 

For me, fishing for Pike is all about lures. Crankbaits, jerk baits, soft baits, swimbaits, flies, spinners, spoons, tubes, frogs, surface baits. Whatever it’s called I’ve fished with it, or more importantly, caught fish on it. Not to mention the material that was used to transport all the above. In Esox land there are so many products available, it’s hard to gain track on. This website will be an in-depth solution for all the questions you’d ever had, and anything you’ve always wanted to know. Information through innovation.

That’s what it’s all about…

!!! EsoxOnly !!!

Christian Drost

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