Abu Garcia has done it again! This year has got to be one of The most exciting ones to date, with the release of much New product alike the World Famous brand takes this just a bit further every single time. The coming season will be an exciting one. A whole range of baits, rods, reels, and tackle coming out. In this article, you can have a sneak of what’s coming… 

First of all, as you can see from the cover, there is a new range of rods coming, called the BEAST X. This rod is designed for (Big) pike fishing. The rods are built on strong, powerful blanks that contain 30T carbon and are able to cast Big Baits with enough backbone for a solid hookset! They are lightweight and can be fished with strong braid to target Monster Esox, regardless of your style of fishing. They are affordable but carry every specification for just about any situation on the water. The BEAST X rods are just incredible and something you would really want to look forward to. Combined with the already existing range of Abu Garcia reels, such as the Revo Toro Beast you’ll have a dream set up for the Biggest and Baddest green crocodiles that swim in Freshwater!

Secondly, there’s a Brand-New range of baits coming out. The team of Abu Garcia has been hard at work this year to deliver greatness to your tackle box, and the already existing Svartzonker McHybrid has been given a new design. You can really see what’s going on, and so will the fish when they get these baits in front of their nose. Wow, the quality looks absolutely incredible! A second to none 3D paint job in combination with some cracking colors have made this bait an absolute MUST HAVE for you this season!

As you can see from the picture above, the Abu Garcia Svartzonker McHybrid comes in two sizes. A very effective lure design has been taken place here. A hard plastic head and soft plastic body make the best of both worlds combined to one great looking design. You don’t have to be an expert to imagine what this bait can do. It provided a truly realistic profile in the water and has a unique swimming action that will lure in Big Predators from miles away. This bait has two eyelets, one on top, to make it run a little bit deeper, and give it an erratic action under the surface of the water, and the front eyelet which gives the bait a smoother running action, so you can actually fish it like an original curly or paddle tail type of soft bait. Because of the fact this bait has a hard head when a fish strikes this bait, its teeth will immediately slide down to the hooks, and you can get ready to fish the fish!

And.. there’s more. The Svartzonker McCelly is coming back! Who remembers this crankbait from back in the days right? I bet you do! The NEW McCelly has the same exciting paint job as the McHybrid and with that being said the fact it is a crankbait, you can trigger a great number of strikes regardless of the situation you are fishing in. It has a wide and oval body profile, comes in many exciting New sizes and colors, and with it being a crankbait this lure will trigger strikes in any given area no matter where you might be fishing!

The McCelly will be an excellent bait to fish in all times of the year, but it will excel during Summer and Springtime fishing. Just the profile it has combined with the diving lip, and the fantastic range of colors will make this lure worth while being added to your tackle box!

And there you go, just like that, you’ll have an exclusive sneak peek of what’s coming this year. Make sure you follow EsoxOnly on Instagram & Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news and things to come. Enjoy your next trip on the water and until next time!.