Everyone knows the problem. You’re fly-fishing from the belly boat and the fly line curls here and there all over the place gets snagged or simply gets tangled. Very irritating if you ask me! Fortunately, there is now a solution for this, and it comes in the form of the Ahrex Hooks Flexipegs!

When it comes to fly fishing, and especially fishing from a belly boat, you want to be able to get distances easily. There is nothing more annoying than a fly line that doesn’t shoot optimally because it cannot be laid down optimally during the stripping of the line. From the shore, you can easily use a strip or a line basket to help with this, but when you are fishing from a belly boat it is suddenly a lot less convenient.

Ahrex Hooks has introduced the Flexistripper, a top-quality stripping basket to the market, and let the same quality be available for use during belly fishing. The flexible plastic pegs that come with the Flexistripper are also available separately, making them perfect for use when fly-fishing for Pike, or any other predator in your inflatable seat.

”Any line remains untangles when fly-fishing from a belly boat”

As you can see in the picture above, the inner stripped fly line is perfectly distributed between the plastic pegs during fishing. These have the greatest advantage that in addition to the correct stiffness, they are also flexible and therefore not harmful to the fish, should you lay it on your lap. In addition, the Flexipegs are also very easy to use. They are packed per 30 pieces which is more than enough to cover every net that comes with your belly boat. The Flexipegs are, as I said, of high quality and will last a long time.

It doesn’t really matter which line you use, as they are strong enough to keep everything nicely untangled. The line in the picture above is a WF12, and because of the Tungsten in this line, it will jump around on your net. With the Flexipegs this is now a thing of the past, and you can cast again and again with the greatest of ease.

”Simple but effective”

The Ahrex Hooks Flexipegs is a simple tool, but extremely effective. I recommend that you use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the flexipegs apart, right under the head that looks like a toadstool. This will leave a small piece of plastic sticking out at the side, which you can then pull through your net from underneath. Pull the small protrusion through the mesh, and this is then immediately secured, so do not be afraid that they come loose. All in all a small thing, but one that will prevent a lot of annoyance on the water, and therefore you will eventually catch more!