In the world of fly-fishing and fly-tying, there are so many different products available that one could easily lose count. One of them is hooks. Probably one of The most important thing in your whole fly-fishing setup. In the end, it all comes down to this. Ahrex Hooks deliver some of the best products available, and their steel has already produced an unreal amount of Big Fish for me on the fly, so let’s take a closer look at their great product!

Ahrex Hooks have roots in the Scandinavian fly-fishing tradition. They are made without compromise and designed by Scandinavian fly-fishermen for fishing all over the world. Ahrex uses innovative technology and the best materials available for each specific hook, and that is really something you will experience first hand yourself using them.

Over the years that have gone by, I’ve used a wide variety of different hooks from all kinds of different brands. In the end, the main goal was all about catching fish, but eventually, it had proven to become a real struggle in finding the right hooks. Not so much the brand was the problem, well kinda because Ahrex wasn’t around back in the early 2000s, but more the shape of the hook, and also with that coming durability, and above all, the hooking percentage when catching (Big) fish was at an all-time low. Because back in the days, and still, to this day in time, there are few companies that actually produce high-quality strong hooks, that are both sharp, as they are slick and also have a wide gape that has been designed to get an instant hookup!

A few things that you really need to catch Big fish on the Fly, is a strong, wide gape large hook that will instantly hit flesh when a strike is made. Still these days there are anglers who really underestimate this and think that they can get ”away” with using something smaller. Sure you can, but the catch ratio will do gown dramatically, and with that the number of hookups that will eventually result in landing a fish. For me, there is only one size that I use all the time, and that is an 8/0. Now every company has different hook size numbers, and none is the same believe it or not. a 5/0 with one brand can be a whole different size with another. That’s normal because different companies put out different numbers. That’s why I use Ahrex 6/0 hooks, they are equal to an 8/0, but for some that might cause confusion so I’m writing it down for you to understand.

Ahrex recently released and was made in collaboration with Andreas Andersson that has already created a revolution in the fly tying and fishing industry, and that is their Trout Predator 610 or TP610. This hook, also available in sizes up to 6/0 (which is a 8/0 in other brands) has some serious wide gape and also a great razor-sharp edge and point that will cause a direct hookset no matter how slow the fishing might be. It has actually became my number one favorite hook for when the fishing is dead slow because it will cause an immediate contact with the fish when contact has been made. The thin wire and razor-sharp hook point with a small barb will do just that. The TP610 has an extremely wide gape I don’t matter what the size of the fish is you are after, this will get you hooked up for life on Ahrex!

Originally designed for a Large Trout pattern, the TP610 proves to be an incredible hook for Pike as well. It can be used to tie a wide variety of different patterns that could also excel in Muskie fishing, but nonetheless I use it a lot for tying Deceiver style patterns, and for that kind of flies this hook is absolutely deadly! I’ve caught countless Big fish on it, and every single time the immediate hookset and wide gape give you the confidence you’ll need when targeting these specimens that when the bite comes, you won’t ever miss!

See what this hook is all about in the video down below!