It is finally time. For a while, I’ve been busy behind the scenes with the concept of a Brand-New website. EsoxOnly being the success as it is, is in English. However where I’m from people speak Dutch, and I’ve been thinking for a long time to release a secondary website to fill in that gap on the internet. So today I’m filling it with

As many people find their way to social media these days, there is still not really that much info you can put into one single post. You can’t really go in-depth into any technique on there. I absolutely love writing and teach people new ways of fishing, because I’ve gained much joy into learning new things myself over the years, that I made the decision to start a New website, this time in Dutch.

What many people don’t know is that at a very young age of only eleven, I was already the owner of this website and it was mainly for catching reports. Back in the days I’ve already had a few sponsors and it was great motivation to keep things going, but however due to a serious lack of time and school work I had to quit. It’s funny yet also a coincidence that in all those years the website title wasn’t claimed.

So this year I claimed it again, and actually, the line itself is a golden combination. Because anyone who fishes for predators will have an immediate connection to the website. In one line to explains what Met Kunstaas Op Roofvis (with lures on predators) is all about. So I’m proud to launch it again today, but this time within the same concept as EsoxOnly, but now in a Multi-Species Fishing platform!

A special thanks goes out to my good friend Fredrik Halling from He was so kind to design the Brand New logo for me! I love it, think its great. Both simple as it shows it’s purpose directly. Fredrik is an extremely talented artist hailing from Sweden and makes wonderful logo’s in a wide range of themes. If you are looking for a reliable guy that knows what he’s doing, you might want to check out his website and ask what he can do for you. I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

For all those Dutch readers that follow this site, I hope you enjoy reading the articles as much as I did writing them, and the website is now Live!