Chew Valley Giants

Whatever the successful formula is that allows Chew to produce such monster pike is uncertain, but it has risen to an unprecedented height, at least in the British Isles.

Producing more ‘mammoth pike’ than any other water, including the Great Western Lakes of Ireland. So what of that benchmark of 35lbs that has been the qualifying weight for The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike and such-like? Well, thanks to the history of the reservoir and its evolution, it has become the most prolific of all waters that can produce such fish, eclipsing all others. So many ‘mammoth pike’ in fact, that Chew Valley Lake warrants its own book…

Designed and produced by Stephen Harper, this hardback edition was limited to only 300 numbered copies. This edition sold out pre-publication and has since become very highly sought-after. An instant classic on the history of arguably the most important water on the modern pike angling scene. The foreword is by Bob Handford.

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