Crankbait secrets

Crankbaits are the most popular fishing lure in the nation. Now, Joe Bucher will show you how to make them the most productive baits in your tackle box. Tie one on, make a cast, then hang on!

Certainly one of the best technical books on lure fishing and of much use to UK and European pike anglers. Joe Bucher, through his career as a professional fishing guide and host of a top-rated television show, has earned a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable anglers in the nation. Now, he shares his years of experience, teaching you everything you need to know about sucessfully fishing with crankbaits.

Think about your tackle box. When was the last time your crankbaits had a tune up? Joe will show you how to get your lures running straight and true, then he’ll show you how to put them right in front of the fish. All you have to do is set the hook!

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