It must have been last year, October, when I boarded the ferry to Denmark to travel to Sweden, Karlskrona to be more precise to fish for Pike. Due to the fact that I wasn’t able to drive myself, I somehow ended up with 7 guys from the south of The Netherlands driving all together on a trip of a lifetime. It was an event where team anglers from BKK took on others for a fantastic week in the archipelago of the Baltic Sea. There on the ferry from Germany to Denmark, Barry Keijzer & Gertjan Resoort told me about their vision, of launching a new boating brand, and in fact, the first boat that they built, was behind one of the cars of which I happened to be in. It’s safe to say, a new friendship was born that day, and the rest is history!

On the ferry to Sweden!

Over the years I’ve met a lot of people in the fishing industry, and it is always exciting to see new faces. I’ve also seen a lot of boats throughout the years but I’ve never seen a boat like this. Cryptocraft Fishing Boats was born out of a passion for developing something unique that recently wasn’t available. Cryptocraft has started putting together boats for you as an angler due to our own passion for fishing and our experience in the development and production of fishing boats. They’ve succeeded in building the ideal predatory fishing boat for every fisherman, and you can choose different options to perfect your fishing boat, such as a fish finder, extra fishing seat, hydraulic steering & basically, anything is possible.

Cryptocraft’s very own 530 CS Double Console, here wrapped for the YPC Boat 2024!

And as they say:

We are Gertjan Resoort and Barry Keijzer, predatory fishermen with a mission! Cryptocraft Fishing Boats is the brand new concept for predatory fishermen. For predator fishermen, every moment on the water equals ultimate relaxation, an escape from the busy everyday life. Recognizable?
After a number of years of hobbying, we wanted to design our own ideal predator fishing boat! A predatory fishing boat that is large enough to go on an adventure with other predatory fishing enthusiasts, but also the perfect boat for a relaxing day with the family on the water.

We went looking for the ideal predator fishing boat, but were disappointed. Purchasing a predatory fishing boat is a major investment that is not suitable for the average predatory fisherman. We found the option to purchase a DIY kit, but this was also not our ideal choice. This gave us the inspiration to design and assemble our own predatory fishing boat. This is how CRYPTOCRAFT was born!

We are on a mission to make the purchase of their own, ideal predator fishing boat possible for every predator fisherman!

Cryptocraft Fishing Boats, is a company to watch in the coming years!

Their 530 TL Tiller is a boat, made for Big water! If you are a fan of steering a tiller and having direct control over your boat then this might be the one for you. The 530 TL Tiller has proved to be incredible for us over the past few months on large bodies of water throughout Europe, and in heavy wind conditions, this is where the boat excels. The boat has a draft of only 390mm which makes it perfect for drifting shallow areas and fish in or around cover. Especially fishing in Sweden in between the rocks this proved to be a charm in heavy structures. Also in salt water, this boat fits in. The 530 TL Tiller is the ideal fishing boat for the sporty fisherman. This boat is seawater-resistant and made of 5083 H111 aluminum. Aluminum 5083 is a naturally hard aluminum alloy (non-heat treatable alloy), which is best known for its resistance to corrosion.

Anco Pentland enjoying the sun at full speed!

The sides of the boat are somewhat higher than usual and this is something that directly strikes the eye. There is a huge benefit to this feature, and that makes the boat directly suited for BIG Water fishing. Once the wind picks up, you will directly feel all the benefits, and perhaps the biggest one is safety. The 530 TL Tiller has a great drive on the waves, and still, the higher sides enable the angler to land fish with ease. The boat is particularly wide with 2200mm and this makes it a rock-solid platform for casting, trolling, pelagic fishing, or just about any technique because this boat floats on the water like a tank.

The 530 TL Tiller makes the ideal casting boat!

Probably one the the greatest features of the 530 TL Tiller is the way this boat drifts. Equipped with a 24v 80lb Minn Kota Riptide Terrova it moves just about as easily forward on autopilot as it steers backwards. It’s a pretty unique feature to be able to dock a boat of this size in tight areas backward. The motor and the boat fit greatly together and making the perfect drift has never been easier. Because of the hull design, this boat listens carefully to the remote of your trolling motor and drifting around any specific area regardless of the wind and weather conditions is all in the books with this boat. Despite the high sides, it is very easy to maneuver and when fishing pelagic or trolling for any type of predatory fish, the boat enables you to carefully follow the course!

High sides, but made for big water, and a smooth ride!

On the flip side, there is the 530 CS Double Console. This boat has the same CE category C rating as the tiller model and can also take up to 150 horsepower engines. This boat is also made from high-quality 5083 H111 aluminum and therefore also salt water resistant! The console gives the angler all the same features as the 530 TL Tiller but the windshield makes it a dream to fish and drive on open water. For the casting anglers among us, this may be the boat you’ve always wanted. Again a rock-solid drift, and the console really makes you feel you are on a beast of a boat. The boat is again very stable so it will be the ideal boat for casting in both calm and high wind conditions.

Cruising ahead on Lake Edslan in Sweden. The Honda 150 HP makes the 530 CS Double Console boat a BEAST!

Cryptocraft Fishing Boats really strives to meet the needs of demanding anglers all around Europe and likes to think outside the box when it comes to serving anglers what they want and are looking for in a predator fishing boat. Anything is possible regarding customizing the boats and they are standard delivered with many exciting features such as a custom wrap, marine mat, and many more items to make your boat ride as comfortable as possible out on the water. Based in Holland but delivering all around Europe Barry & Gertjan can help you make your dream boat come to a reality. If you are looking for more info head over to or simply click on the logo down below to go directly to the company’s website!