Anyone who fishes for predatory fish, or fishes at all, simply can’t avoid it anymore, nor can they do without it. Hooks, you just need them to catch a fish. When you target Big Fish or smaller ones, you simply need quality treble hooks. More than 25 years ago I started predatory fishing. Back then, there was nothing or rather little supply of quality trebles. The perfect hook just didn’t exist. So as anglers we are lucky these days that BKK Hooks have come looking around the corner.. 

BKK Spear-21UVO Hooks are a trigger for Predatory Fish”

There was always something. For example, for large swimbaits of 30 cm or more, I was always looking for a treble hook that was not only sharp but also extended beyond the body. Preferably in 6/0 or 7/0 and they also had to be powerful and strong. That turned out to be a pretty tough combo and I didn’t find this one at first and I kept running into the same problems. When you spend many hours in big water for that one fish, there should be no room for materials that are not matched with one other. Everything should be top-of-the-line!

BlackBay Fishing Gear BlackShad in 32cm with Pikecraft Fishing The System & BKK Spear-21UVO 5/0

Looking at the baits above, the BlackBay Fishing Gear BlackShad in 32cm has a really wide body. The BlackShad is a soft bait designed to be used in any situation. Developed from the need to have a lure with a tapered profile but also simulating a large-sized prey fish, easy to cast and with an accentuated and aggressive action during the retrieve, these baits demand a large hook with a wide gape. As you can see from the picture and the one on the cover photo is that they have a relatively large body profile. This is something that is rather uncommon on most soft baits out there as they usually are more tapered in design. The problem that instantly arises is finding a treble that covers the body of the bait, and more in essence exceeds the body of the softbait with its hook points. Therefore on this rig, I have chosen the BKK Spear-21UVO in 5/0. On the back of this bait, there is a 4/0 situated to run in line with the tapered profile of this softlure.

”Full frame shot of the BlackShad 32cm with rig and hooks”

Here’s another example of how to successfully rig a large plastic soft bait. The BlackBay Fishing Gear BlackShad in a full frame! This time rigged with BKK Spear-21SS Hooks to give a different approach to tackle wary fish on pressured waters. Here you can clearly see a custom shallow rig for Pike that works! The BlackShads are rigged with Pikecraft Fishing The System. This shallow screw system from Germany is quickly taking over the global softbait market. As you can see from the picture The System is a screw with an upwards angle. This makes the bait swim absolutely straight in the water. Another advantage is that on such a large softbait as this, the original factory movement is held, which makes the BlackShad on The System a truly unique bait! The action is unlike any other and it wobbles and moves in a very attractive way through the water.

”Close-Up front hook and rig on the BlackShad 32cm

As you can clearly see from this close-up The System rig makes a perfect companion on a large bait like this. Everything is lined up with each other. The front oval split ring falls over the top of the screw, the double swivels aline with the nose of the bait. The top lead can be changed to weights from 3-40gram, making this soft bait instantly suitable for any body of water, to fish any desired depth. But most importantly, the rig enables the hooks to be in a perfect position. These BKK Spear-21SS trebles now sit on the most ideal angle on the bait. giving it The Best possible hook-up ratio, and gaining the most out of efficiency on the water!