When the best of both worlds meet, magic can happen. Quite recently I made a video on Instagram for Pikecraft Fishing which has gotten a lot of views in terms of re-riggingSavage Gear Line Thru Trout in 25cm. Originally this swimbait comes pre-rigged, but with a new rig system from Pikecraft Fishing, users can now rig and unrig the trouts in order to change presentation and action at all times. So let’s take a closer look at what is new here!

The newer versions of the Savage Gear Line Thru Trouts have a slightly wider wire slot than the older baits. This enables users to threaten a complete leader system when the sleeve is not too big. Pikecraft Fishing has made a custom Quick-Pin Rig to be fitted with all New Line Thru baits and it is an instant fit. You can now cut out the original wire and hook, and immediately replace it with this new rig. Another big benefit from this is that anglers can quickly change rigs and therefore are much more flexible fishing different baits. Where in the past every bait needed to have its own rig system, you can now insert it into one bait, and if you want to fish another, simply remove the rig from the swimbait and insert it into another color, it is that simple!

The Quick-Pin Rig & Different Weights from Pikecraft Fishing!

Pikecraft Fishing has been really innovative here making a customized Quick-Pin Rig and the benefit that this rig has to offer is immediately visible. Two hooks are attached to a separate 7×7 harness that fits perfectly underneath a 25cm Line Thru Trout. The wire upfront can be treated through the bait and this makes it an all-in-one solution to start fishing right away. Another cool thing about the Quick-Pin Rig is that you can optionally add Pikecraft’s own weights, and now you can fish your Line Thru Trout in different depths. This is especially handy when fish are suspended above deeper water, and was previously not available as an option!

All you need for the Savage Gear Line Thru Trouts!

Another great feature of the Quick-Pin Rig is the fact that it actually includes a Quick Pin Small, which won a gold award on the EFTTEX last June, and this little pin you can basically insert into every type of soft bait. Here the pin enhances the ability of the wire to stay close to the body and keep the 7×7 wire neatly in place. When a pike strikes the bait, the whole rig will come out at once, and because of the Quick Pin Small, you can easily insert the wire back in after a fish has landed. It basically keeps the Line Thru presentation as clean as you can get it, and this simple yet very effective rig will surely benefit you as an angler to be not only more flexible on the water but also have an all-in-one handy solution when it comes to rigging baits. Try it out, you’ll love it as much as I do!


Good luck on the water!

Christian Drost