Dream Pike

A stunning collection of previously unpublished stories of very big pike, each in excess of 30 pounds, captured by a wide cross-section of anglers, some famous, some not so well-known, but all big pike captors.

From waters across the length and breadth of the British Isles, as diverse as ponds, pits, lakes, reservoirs, trout waters, canals, rivers, broads, meres, fens, drains, loughs and lochs.

These stories are entertaining, educational, informative, revealing, funny, sad, shocking, rivetting, and simple inspirational!

Contributions from John Watson (Foreword), Stephen Abbot, Mark Ackerley, Carl Allen, Neilson Baxter, Paul Belsten, Graham Booth, Julian Chidgey, John Currie, Neville Fickling, Pete Foster, Karl Gidney, Stephen Harper, Pat Henry, George Higgins, Roy Lyons, John Nunn, Bill Palmer, Nick Peat, Craig Renwick, Steve Rodwell, Mark Skinner, Graham Slater, John Synnuck, Steve Taylor, Eddie Turner, Phil Wakeford, Ian Weatherall, Steve Wells, Alan Wheater.

This edition was limited to just 800 numbered copies and quickly sold out.

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