Esox americanus americanus

American Pickerels are two sub species of the Esox Americanus, a species of freshwater fish, wich can be found in the Pike family. They can be devided into the so called ”Grass Pickerel” and the ”Redfin Pickerel”. The Redfin Pickerel has, just like it’s name already says, red fins. The Grass Pickerel has not. Both species of fish can be found in North America, not to be confused with their cousin, the Northern Pike. The Redfin Pickerels range extends all the way from  the St. Lawrence river in Quebec to the Gulf Coast, whilst the Grass Pickerel can be found further west, to the Great Lakes based in Michigan and Ontario.

Both Pickerels don’t really grow big. 40cm is their maximum overall length. And then there is also a hybrid of the Pickerels family. The Chain Pickerel, or (Esox niger) as people call them, is also a species of fish in the Pike family. The reason why they are called ”Niger” is because that’s the Latin word for black. Also referred as ”Southern Pike”. A Chain Pickerel has a remarkeble, dark, chain-like pattern on it’s green like side. Just like the other Pickerel’s described in this subject, it’s a popular sportfish!

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