It’s been something that has been in the works for quite some time now. Besides this website, great pictures, countless articles, and information, it was time for the final addition to the site. A Youtube Channel! Writing articles is great, taking pictures of baits, gear, tackle and anything in between even better, but being able to actually show the audience and followers things on video, is just something else.

That’s why as of today, I have great pride and joy to announce the launch of the EsoxOnly TV YOUTUBE Channel!! Here you will find anything you’ve always wanted to know about Muskie & Pike fishing, but just a bit more in-depth. Over the following years, I will try to build it to one of The absolute biggest channels out there, and help you in your quest on the water for catching more and bigger fish. The channel will feature a wide variation of videos, all dedicated to the great sportfish called Esox. Whether it is Muskie or Pike related. For everyone, there is something there.

All of this hasn’t been possible without my great sponsors, and I truly want to thank all who have been with me on the ride for the last 4 years that I’ve been online. September of this year marks that great anniversary, and I’m proud to have come this far!

So here it is, the first EVER official EsoxOnly TV video. In this episode, I talk about the Musky Innovations Magnum Shallow Swimmin’ Dawg.

The Magnum Shallow Swimmin’ Dawg has recently seen its first light during the launch at the world famous Musky Shows and has been high in demand bait for several months. Its an absolute BIG fish catching bait, which can be fished both shallow, as the name already says, but also in the slightly deeper areas of the water. In this video I will show you what you can do, to dramatically increase the hook-up ratio on this bait, by just adding a simple magnet screw weight that makes the treble hooks stick to the body like glue, but will always come off during a strike!

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