Fenland Pike

This is a very detailed book of fishing for pike (and the occasional zander) in the Fens. The action takes place in the area bounded by Peterborough, Huntingdon, Cambridge, Thetford and the South coast of the Wash. Chapters include: What and where are the fens; The history of the Fens before the Great Adventure; The history of the Fens, the Adventure begins; Early days; A Fenland piker begins his journey; This is how we do it, tackle and methods.

Interviews with Barrie Rickards, Bill Chillingworth and John McAngus: The Great Ouse, The Relief Channel, The Cut-Off Channel, The River Lark (with Paul Wilkanowski), The Little Ouse (with Colin Hall), The Wissey, The Cam, The Old West River, Tommy the bailiff, The Middle Level Main Drain, The Forty-Foot (with Richard Wesley), The Sixteen-Foot, The Delph, Old Bedford, Hundred-Foot and Counterwash (with Mick Tarry); Popham’s Eau, Well Creek, The Twenty-Foot, The Old River Nene, The land drains, The Cambridgeshire lodes, Fly fishing the Fens for pike (by Colin Brett), The Fens afloat (by Andy Blazey), Saving the best till last, My Fenland Thirty. Only 2000 copies printed.

Designed and produced by Stephen Harper.

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