All the good stuff comes from up north, and that’s a sentence we often hear in Pike fishing. Up north in Sweden is where many baits are designed and also where many unique baits come from! The Freewater Pictures Fat Boy Swim is such a bait, and a Must-Have in your tackle box!

The Fat Boy Swim is available in two sizes, both a 13cm and a 10cm version, and is your perfect 2 piece swim bait to fish shallow water, and this is exactly where it excels! Watch this video:


But sometimes you want to fish it deeper, and then you will need a different approach! Quite recently I made a video for Pikecraft Fishing showing The Leadclip in action on the Fat Boy Swim! This clip is made from a heavy-duty wire that enables you to fish all of your baits deeper in the water column. It has a crossed bend, so no slipping of the weights possible, and it is as mentioned made from High-quality stainless steel spring wire, 1.2mm – pike proof and safe! The Leadclip is flexible, as the bait can be varied with our changeable leads the desired running depth can be brought. Suitable form 3-30gr!

The Leadclip with the NEW Black Series Lead-Free weight is a great combo for the Fat Boy Swim!

Lead-free weights are the future, and they don’t only look good, but also reflect the light from different angles to make it blend into the water easily and don’t scare away the fish! Now you can fish the Fat Boy Swim down to any depth, and as deep as 6 meters or 20 feet depending on the length of the cast and the amount of weight on it. To fish these depths, I can recommend using 20 to 30 grams.

Click on the link from Instagram below to watch the video and see for yourself why this is such a great combination together.

Good luck on the water!

Christian Drost