Hailing from Europe is Fishing Ghost, a German-based company specialized in High-Quality products custom made for Northern Pike fishing! Owner Roman Schulz and his brother Daniel, have put in his time and dedication, as well as experience as a resident of southern Bavaria’s best Esox waters, Starnberger See. This 127m deep lake holds many Big Trophies and no wonder the baits they’ve designed have been an instant success. One of the products that Fishing Ghost has under its belt, is the Renky One. A 10” (25cm) long hybrid swimbait that calls in fish from any depth!

Within the global market, there are hundreds of products to be found for Esox fishing, whether it be Muskie or Pike. The swimbait market has really exploded over the past couple of years, and all kinds of manufacturers have put out their baits to the masses. Mass production often means lower quality, and therefore it’s sometimes a struggle to find a good quality bait that can withstand the strike of many fish its teeth. The Renky One is such a product, where truly the years of development and careful selection of materials come to light

Made from the absolute best components money can buy the Renky One has a hard head, with a diving lip included, and a soft plastic body made from long-lasting durable rubber. There’s an extra lip included in the package, and the simple reason for this is that whenever the lure might get stuck, it can come off, and you’ll save the bait. The lip however is firmly secured in place and can never come off during the fight of a fish. There is a spare lip included in every lure’s box when you buy one!

Renky One dives 2-4 meters all depending on the thickness and amount of line out of course, but it makes a great all year round bait. I’ve personally fished this bait for a long time now, and with a sinker, you can get it down into all layers of the water column, but I like to fish it most in the shallower parts of the water. With its size that is 10” or 25cm its a great size and a Must-Have in your tackle box. It excels in trolling, but can also be cast due to its fairly low weight of 180gr (6oz)

The Renky One, actually thanks its name to the ”Renken”, a German fish species present in many deep lakes, and a favorite meal of many Big Northern Pike alike. It has a great shad shaped body and presents a nice meal for any type of predatory game fish. The ”Green Inferno” is one of my absolute favorite colors, it truly stands out in just about any type of water clarity, but excels in clear water!

This swimbait comes pre-rigged so it’s ready to fish! It has a two-way stinger system that consists of one treble up front, and one in the back. So that when you get a strike, the body is spared from the ferocious teeth that Esox has! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t modify all my baits as I also did with this one, but that is something you will see in a different article with a video included!

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