Softbaits are a Hot item these days, and especially unweighted rubber has proven to be a very versatile thing over the past few years. There are many ways one could rig one, but the most important and above all popular solution is the Shallow Screw.  

Originally from Scandinavia, the Shallow Screw is a handy and very useful little metal tool that you can screw into any kind of softbait, and hang your own rig system underneath. You can buy the screws ready in multi-packs online, but what gives greater joy is to make them yourself. At first hand, it may look kinda tricky and perhaps hard to do, but metal master John van der Hoeven from @LuresandPike (Instagram) shows you exactly how to make one yourself!

John is an absolute wizard when it comes to making high-quality rigs for all kinds of Esox fishing, and this Shallow Screw is no exception. Be it Muskie or Pike fishing, this Shallow Screw holds the quality you need on the water. See for yourself how easy it is to make one your own in the video down below!