Handling Big Fish is a risky business. Handling Pike of any kind is too. Not so much for yourself, but also for the fish it’s important that you carry the right tools for the job, always on hand! You’ll never want to miss out on reaching pliers, nor will you have to search for your unhooking gloves. In today’s market, there are countlessly unhooking tools and equipment alike, but recently I stumbled across some cool products from French Brand, Shop and Distributor, FishXPlorer, and in this article, I’ll tell you a little bit more about those!

Going out on the water, or near the water, you always want to be prepared. Prepared to catch the fish of a lifetime, but also prepared to undo the fish from the hooks that you just caught it with, so you always want to be one step ahead in taking your gear out to the water. There are many articles written about this already, fish handling procedures, and I won’t go deeper into that, but what I do want to highlight is some cool products that are new on the market, and available for just about anyone out there. FishXPlorer the French brand owned by my good friend Florian Langer is such a company that goes above and beyond putting out the best products for its customers, and at the same time offering a really good value for money.

Pince Karnator Hookup & Gant Brocator Xplorer” 

The FishXPlorer Pince Karnator Hookup reminds you of the good old Baker Hookout, but the only problem with this hook out was that it was rusting all the time, and eventually the innerspring stopped working. The Pince Karnator is a whole different story and is made from high-quality components and comes with a floatation lanyard and belt sleeve. I personally really like it because it is very lightweight, yet long enough to reach down in the biggest mouths when it comes to Pike fishing. It is perfect for Fly-Fishing and especially from the belly boat when you want to take as less material as possible. It is easy to operate with one hand due to the pistol grip design and it’s all about user efficiency. Great for shore sessions as well!

”The Pinch Karnator is easy to operate with one hand, and therefore perfect for float tube fishing”

On the other ‘hand’ there is the Gant Brocator Xplorer which is a cool little fish handling glove that really does the job it’s been made for, handling Big Pike! This glove comes in a right-hand version but will be available in a lefty later on. The cool thing about this glove is that you can reach in with your finger with ease, also when fighting Pike on a fly rod for example from the belly boat it comes in hand really much. There are two magnets attached to the glove that stick to one another like glue, and with a clip, you can attach it just about anywhere.

”The Gant Brocator Xplorer, always right where you’ll need it”

All in all a few cool unhooking tools to do the right job whenever that needs to be, unhooking predatory fish. These products are affordable yet very good in quality so for everyone who’s looking for an unhooking solution there is something there. Try them out for yourself and check out the FishXPlorer website for many more cool products. Sure thing they got something you don’t have!