In an industry where constantly new baits are released, it is often hard to find something that’s unique. Scandinavia and Sweden to be more precise hold some of the World’s best lure builders and designers, and it is where Headbanger Lures finds its home. If you are an avid Pike angler you’ve probably heard this name before, and it is exactly that what makes this brand go-round, banging heads as they constantly release unique and second to none baits for the fishing industry!

Headbanger Lures Newest Flagship, the Firetail

The Firetail as the picture above already shows is their Newest addition to a quite extraordinary lineup of baits. These particularly softbaits have a truly unique movement in the water, and for a good reason. It is basically a combination of a Shad body with a Curly tail which is cut to shape to make it look like some sort of dragon tail, and it’s truly Fire underneath the water, hence it’s called the Firetail! Especially for Big Pike fishing, this bait is a Must-Have. Not only for the fact that you can cover a lot of water with it, because it basically acts like a search bait calling in Predators from miles away, but also considering the fact that it has a very wide action movement underwater and that it excels at slow speeds, making it super deadly for Esox at all times!

”A great soft bait also for smaller water systems”

There are two different sizes of Firetails and 10 different colors, which are 17 (56gr) and 21 cm (102gr) to be exact, and both sizes are perfect for Pike Fishing. Personally, I’d like to use the smaller size in small to medium-sized waters, and the larger size in big water. You can do pretty much anything with this bait. Because the front of this soft bait as well as the body is shaped like a V, it runs very true through the water, also pushing a lot of water, and it’s quite the presence fishing it over structure or above a deep abyss.

”The Firetail Firetiger in different sizes”

Because the Firetail is such an incredibly versatile bait, you can do pretty much anything with it. I like to fish the largest version of 21 cm either on a Jig head on a vertical setup for Pike, because of its slim body and the ability to cut through water it doesn’t have a lot of resistance underwater, which makes vertical fishing this bait a wrist relieving game, and with a treble on top, you can target the biggest fish when they are stuck to the bottom which at times they are and where this technique excels. But also fishing it on a Shallow Screw like The System from Pikecraft Fishing, this bait is just perfect for that!

”The Firetail in 21cm rigged for Big Water Fishing with The System from Pikecraft & BKK Hooks Spear-21UVO

The Headbanger Lures Firetail is a bait with a crazy good action underneath the water, and once you throw it in the water, you will see right away why it is such a unique bait! It’s the combination of a flanker-style crankbait with a huge belly roll, the water pushing tail, and the V body style which makes this soft bait run, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For the Big waters, the large size excels and my personal favorites are the Firetiger & Black / Orange colored Firetails. The paint jobs on these baits are really high quality, and they won’t fade after a few fish. The rubber is super dense and tough, yet flexible and will not rip or tear quickly. So you really get value for money, and the fish love it too!

”Nice 10.2kg Pike that really wanted the 21cm Firetail in Black / Orange”