Voltium Energy, the Dutch LiFePO4 battery brand I’ve been fishing for now for over a year, never fails to deliver quality products. This New fishing battery brand carries some of The highest-quality products available today!

In a previous article, I already wrote about one of their smaller batteries, namely the 12v9ah which is used to power up my Raymarine Element 7 amongst other Garmin fishfinders, and their smart batteries are really small Beasts of their own when it comes to performance, but also time on the water. Voltium Energy is certainly a brand to look out for in the coming years, and many people have already discovered them!

The Voltium Energy 12v100ah LiFePO4

Over the past season, I have been extensively fishing the 12v100ah in the sense that it has been hooked up to my Terrova 55 trolling motor. Long days have been made on the water in my 15ft boat and during all sorts of different conditions. With cruise control in full swing, casting days of 7-8km non-stop consuming power, or in heavy winds, I rarely got beyond the 60% mark when it came to battery life left. Especially on trolling motors this battery truly excels due to its power. Minn Kota’s digital maximizer of course helps to reduce battery drain, but the LiFePO4 cells within the 12v100ah battery really extend your day out on the water. Additionally, Voltium Energy delivers solar panels, which you can hook up to your outdoor box, so it recharges itself. I have found that fishing 8-10 hours straight, it’s nearly impossible to completely drain the battery, and that makes fishing whatever conditions mother nature throws at us right away more fun because one thing is certain, you’ll never have to worry you will run out of power!

Voltium Energy delivers Unlimited power to fish with a Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor all day long!

The Voltium Energy 12v100ah is a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery with a built-in SMART BMS. Because the brand strives for high quality, they use prismatic cells which are produced according to very strict quality requirements. These batteries are carefully manufactured and they have an extreme lifespan of >3000 cycles at 1C (100%DOD) and >6000 cycles at 0,2C (100%DOD)!

The SMART BMS offers some important features like; cell balancing, temperature protection, over-discharge protection, deep-discharge protection, pre-charge function (protection for high inrush current), short circuit protection, and Bluetooth® monitoring. Via the Bluetooth function, you can check all sorts of information such as; current capacity, total voltage, number of cycles, temperature, alarm history, the voltage of individual cells (PRO), and much more, as their website states.

The Voltium Energy Outdoor Battery Box Range

Inside these Outdoor Battery Boxes, You will find a super high-quality finish. all the wires are firmly secured and linked to each other. The boxes carry a USB port, where 2 USB accessories can be inserted, a 12volt output, and each port has its own voltage and battery life meter. Inside the box the connections are all secured with a fuse, so you don’t ever have to worry about product malfunctions. On both sides of each Outdoor Box, depending on the size, there is a red Anderson plug, where you can hook up just about anything. The bigger boxes have two Anderson outputs, where you can hook up either a trolling motor or a fishfinder, and the boxes can be dual-customized to serve all your needs.

The Voltium Energy Outdoor Box 12v100ah is packed with quality!

The Voltium Energy Outdoor Battery Boxes come in a wide variety of models which are great for heavy power-consuming fishing electronics, But also smaller models for different applications such as a fishfinder or light trolling motor are included. Each Voltium Energy Outdoor Box is jam-packed with quality and will last for many years to come. If you are in the market for a high-quality and reliable product, I can only recommend that you check out this brand. They are fairly new to the market, but you will definitely hear more from them in the near future!

Small & Powerful, the Voltium Energy Outdoorbox in 12v50ah!

For more info please head over to the Voltium Energy website by clicking on the link below