Mega Pike, The Return

The long-awaited sequel to Eddie Turner’s famous, and collectably scarce, Mega-Pike. Together with Jason Davis,the authors bring us up to date on their exploits, developments and captures in the intervening years. Impressive numbers of impressively large fish taken from bank and boat on many interesting British and Irish waters.

Few pike anglers in history have been more succesfull than these two men when it comes to capture of the very biggest pike that swim in our waters. Yet, untill the release of this book, they have, for many years, chosen to shun the limelight that their remarkable achievements would have attracted from the angling media.

Now revealed for the first time as a collection of detailed and amusing accounts, the authors disclose their stunning captures, made from inspirational waters throught the British Isles.

Be prepared, some of those captures will amaze you!


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