Musky Hunter Magazine is dedicated to educate and entertain the Musky fishing enthusiast, through its magazine, television show and web sites. MHM is by far the largest publication designed specifically for the musky angler. Published bimonthly since 1989, Musky Hunter Magazine is North America’s authority on musky fishing. It offers articles on every aspect of the muskellunge, the premier freshwater gamefish, which now exists in 31 states and four Canadian provinces. 

Timely how-to, where-to, and when-to information from nationally-recognized experts comprise the “meat and potatoes” of Musky Hunter, and the magazine is packed with tackle tips, insightful editorials, reader input, musky news, hot waters and product information. The magazine has a strong and growing subscriber base and is also distributed on newsstands throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The April / May 2020 issue is jam packed with a ton of great information about your favorite sportfish. This special ”Musky Innovations” edition contains all info about one of the greatest brands in the industry, and gives the reader an inside review of exciting things coming!

Besides every edition being dedicated to a brand and having a special feature, the magazine is also packed with many other great reads, as you can see from the index down below. A few articles include moon phases, a fly-fishing section, regional info, spring time secrets for Muskies, and many many more.

No matter if you’re a Muskie or Pike angler, the articles inside can be of interest for both. The described techniques cover the full spectrum of Esox fishing, and everything that has got something to do with it. Musky Hunter Magazine comes out 6 times a year, and is available worldwide. The magazine paper format is a shiny glossy and you really get value for money.

Despite the fact that the magazine is available to all, for those who want to have a pdf. file in hand, to read on any mobile device, there is a digital subscription available where Musky Hunter Magazine has teamed up with MAGZTER, the world’s largest online magazine newsstand to offer our readers a digital version of each issue.