The NEW Musky Hunter Magazine August / September issue just dropped on the doormat all the way from the USA, and in this article, you can read what’s all inside, and why you should become a SUBSCRIBER to this magazine asap if you haven’t already!

Musky Hunter Magazine is The best magazine out there for everything that has something to do with, as the name already states, Musky Fishing! All techniques you’ve ever wanted to learn, tips and tricks, great articles, deals, clothing, moon phases, it is all inside. No Muskies in your country like mine? No problem, for the avarage Pike angler there is plenty to learn as well!

In fact, Musky fishing in general doesn’t really vary that much from Pike, and the articles you can find inside will provide a great read. So head over to their website and make yourself a member today. Musky Hunter Magazine ships Worldwide!

So what’s inside this August / September 2020 issue? Let’s take a look..

As you can see from the index above, this month’s issue is jam-packed yet again with a ton of new articles!

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Are you in doubt what leader to use, or more importantly which knot? Musky Hunter Magazine has got you covered with all the latest info you want to know to make you a better angler out there on the water. Really interesting btw, choosing the right leader to get the best topwater action!

Or the use of lip grips. Now gladly here in Europe, we are already past that, but still, some anglers use this horrific tool. It can be a useful piece of equipment when used right, but too many anglers out there use it wrong and these are the pictures you’ll end up with. As the title already states. The use of lip grips will injure fish! Surely there are other methods out there right? Just don’t go down lip grip lane.. or read the article!

Hot Bites during Cool-Down. Yea, we all know how effective this can be right?! Some fish go absolutely berserk when the water cools down and everything goes back to normal again.. You will want to read this article yourself!