Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC, who doesn’t know the brand! It is the market leader in the United States & Canada when it comes to bucktail spinners. Founded in 2005 and the rest is history. Musky Mayhem supplies many well-known products, such as the Double Cowgirl, Jr Double Cowgirls, and Showgirls. All bucktail spinners are made from the highest quality components, on which many Big Pike and Muskies are caught yearly worldwide!

The bucktail spinners, or rather flashabou spinners that Musky Mayhem tackle is putting on the market are of exceptionally high quality. It is the whole package that makes these spinners so good. Stainless steel wire, spinner blades that do not lose their color, even after hooking dozens of fish, and magnum flashabou skirts ensures that these bucktail spinners will last for many years.

”Pike love bucktail spinners too!”

It is a fact that the double-bladed bucktail spinners have brought a lot of big fish, and all Esox species love them. This type of lure can be used in the Summer months above the weeds, but also the rest of the year in the shallows above dying vegetation, or even in Winter when it is very cold and fishing requires a slower presentation.

Because there are many existing bucktail spinners on the market already, so it’s not easy to innovate and bring out new products, but Musky Mayhem Tackle did it again! This year they are launching the new 7/9 Trigger. The 7/9 Trigger is a combination of 2 spinner blades. One is a size 7 and the other is a size 9, which creates a unique presentation of the blades underwater. This combo of blades creates a distinct pressure wave that the fish don’t know about yet, and in combination with the flashabou body lots of attraction underwater for the fish! The 7/9 Trigger is 8” long and weighs about 2 ounces, which makes it an ideal bait for both smaller and bigger waters.

”7/9 Trigger in the Custom Team Rhino Outdoors color Disco Diva”

In addition, Musky Mayhem Tackle has released another new product for this year, and that is the 13/10 Detonator. Here the focus is completely on Big water fishing. During the Summer months I regularly fish with spinner blade size 13, and although this looks very large (which it actually is), it works like a magnet on both Muskies & Pike. The large blades push a lot of water, and especially when fished in deep water this can make all the difference. However, it is not an average size, so you can offer the fish something really special!

The 13/10 Detonator is 11” long and weighs just over 4.3 ounces. This type of bucktail spinner also uses 2 spinner blades, and as the name suggests, a size 13 and a size 10. Both blades are unequal to each other, which in turn creates an vibrant run in the water. This in turn creates a lot of noise and calls in fish from anywhere to bite.

”13/10 Detonator in the Custom Team Rhino Outdoors color October Fest”

All in all, it’s just about making as much vibration in the water as possible. Every season has its periods when these baits can make all the difference. It is definitely worth a try. Something different than usual sometimes works as a magnet for the fish. In the movie below you can find more information about the new products of Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC!