Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC Never fails to deliver NEW products, and for this year 2020, they have released a completely new bait the fish have never seen before! Being the creators of the Original Double Cowgirl and more, they are constantly developing and searching new ways to keep the fish interested to bite, and their Brand New 7/9 Trigger is no exception!

The new 7/9 Trigger isn’t your standard staggered bucktail. Its unique loud grind and thump provided by the offset 7 Colorado and 9 Magnum blades drive fish insane. With the same great big fish catching qualities of the Double Cowgirl and Double Showgirl this lure allows you to show the fish something that they’ve never felt, seen, or heard before. Let’s just say it really triggers them to bite!

This bait is 8 inches long and weighs 2 ounces. It’s truly something the fish will not be able to resist!

The 7/9 Trigger comes in 8 exciting fish teasing colors, and that this product catches fish is no secret! Bucktail style baits have always been a hot item in the fishing industry, but sometimes Esox, whether it be Muskie or Pike, can get used to the vibrations bladed bucktails put out in the water. The new 7/9 will put out a way different vibration than ever fish have felt before, and that’s plain simple why it makes this such a good bait!

The Musky Mayhem Tackle LLC 7/9 Trigger can be bought on their website: