When it comes to Marine maps of lakes and rivers, Navionics never fails to deliver. Constantly on the lookout to bring new and exciting features to its audience, they’ve recently brought something very exciting to the light. For anyone who owns a Platinum+ card or higher, Relief Shading is now available, and probably one of the best things, its now also available on your Navionics Boating App! 


Relief Shading is truly the next level. Previously released Sonarchart was already revolutionary and changed the way people fish all around the world, but this new feature is absolutely second to none, and in fact, it opens new doors to anyone looking to get the most out of their time on the water. Because let’s face it. Don’t you want to know exactly what happens underneath the surface?

When it comes to fishing for Esox, small things can make a big difference. Searching waters for new and exciting fishing spots is something I do on a regular basis and being constantly on the lookout for new areas has changed the way I fish forever. Find a hotspot is one thing, but finding a spot that delivers time after time adds a completely new spectrum to the world of how we fish. One spot can deliver, but as we all know it doesn’t constantly, and why fish migrate to certain areas of any body of water is always the question.

When Sonarchart first came to the light I remembered it opened completely new doors to my angling experience, and all of a sudden patterns from a wide range of different waters could be places into one. This not only made it easier for me to quickly find key hotspots or area’s where one could think that the ”Magic could happen”, but it also gave a quick and easy insight into the bottom structure, scouting edges and dropoffs, and imagining what might have been lurking down below on the bottom, or how bottom structures would be formed. It was always guessing, but guess what? That’s over because now you can have Navionics Relief Shading available on a wide range of plotters of your choice. Check out the compatibility here

As you can see from the picture above, everything you’ve always been wondering about suddenly becomes very clear! The red zones are market as the shallows, fading into yellow showing the edge of a drop. The darker colors mark the abyss into deeper water. I’m sure you can only imagine what effect this will have on your angling experience. Fish live underwater, and especially when it comes to Pike fishing, they can be tricky to find at times, but not anymore because Relief Shading shows their hiding places. This new feature will be an absolute gamechanger, and if you haven’t already I can highly recommend getting it as soon as possible. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed because for me it opened a totally new experience to my time on the water, and over time as you learn reading this cartography it will change the way you fish, and perhaps more important, catch fish, forever!

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