Cortland Line Company has done it again. The World-Famous US based supplier of Fly-lines has once again announced a highly exciting range of New |ines for the diehard Pike & Musky enthusiasts! 

The new range of sinking and floating fly-lines is truly something special. The second-to-none quality that Cortland offers can surely be appreciated by many fly anglers worldwide. Cortland Lines stand for absolute performance and cast-ability. For those who are not familiar with the brand, the minute you cast a Cortland line, you will feel the difference. The lines are extremely supple and therefore a joy to cast. Additionally, the lines also remain supple, even when the weather conditions get cold. They don’t tangle, nor does the coating crack over time from heavy use of casting. The tungsten inside the fly lines is evenly spread to assure a maximum performance on the water, and durability.

New for 2022 Cortland Line has released some new exciting products in their Pike / Musky Speciality Series I’d like to highlight down below. Let’s kick off with their New Floating line

The floating line is all about long-distance casting performance. The line feels slightly overweight but is able to cast Big Pike & Musky flies into orbit. The line is high floating and makes an excellent choice for fishing above weeds, fishing with topwater flies, or simply as a shallow water line in smaller waters, such as canals, drains, polders, and vice versa. Up next is the New Intermediate!

The intermediate line from Cortland is a typical example of an all-around BIG Fish like to tackle just about every condition in medium-deep water. In the Summer it excels above the weeds, and on weed edges. In the Fall and cold water period that follows after in Winter, it can be often an effective line to fish pelagic above deep water when the temperature rises and fish suspend shallow. The intermediate is made for BIG Water Esox. It has an aggressive taper that finds its way no matter where you’re casting it, and delivers big flies with ease and accuracy!

Up next is their Sink 4 Pike / Musky fly line. This line is a combo between the heavy Sink 8 and the intermediate. It can be used to fish a little deeper water, but it can also roam freely in the shallows, or on shallow edges. It is a very nice line to be fished in the 8ft to 12 ft range, and you will experience a perfect presentation. The line really rolls over gently and makes even the most inexperienced fly angler a pro in casting! Its a super nice line for the Fall, but also excels in Summer!

And last but not least the already existing Pike / Musky Sink 8. This line is truly built for BIG water fly-fishing. Whether that might be from shore, a float tube, or from your boat, this line will cover all the above. You will instantly experience that yourself when casting this line. The Type 8 sinking head really wants to go down deep. This line depending on the grain weight you’ll use can roam freely in the 10-15ft range in 380-450 grains, and heavier from 500 and above you can easily reach depths that lie around 20 ft in-depth, to truly tackle the monsters from the deep.

Possibly the BIGGEST advantage of this line is the fact how it’s been produced. Again, the Cortland Lines are super high quality, and this line is no exception. A good deal of tungsten fly lines that are designed to sink quickly and to be fished in deep water contains so much tungsten that the coating over time starts to crack, or worse, become stiff. These lines are none of that. The minute when casting it, you will feel an extreme suppleness of the line in your hand. This will lead to a longer casting distance and overall performance. Because the line doesn’t tangle, it is easier to cast and also a lot safer to fight big fish. The line shoots out of the guides like no other, and you can really deliver a precise presentation as far as that is possible, delivering big flies to predators. Because this line is so supple, you will have a much directer take on the fish when you’ll hook one, and trust me when I say that your whole fly-fishing experience will be airlifted!