abu garcia beast net foldable 80x70cm cover showing the net

As you can already tell from the cover photo, this article is about the New Abu Garcia BEAST Net Foldable! With this, Abu Garcia brings a fantastic new Predator net to the market. And in this review, you can read all about it! 

Anyone who regularly fishes for Large Pike or Zander cannot ignore this net. Literally, because the BEAST net is massive. For me personally, a net can’t be Big enough, because I will use it to land Giants. Whether you are fishing from the boat or from the shore, this net is suitable for everything! It is a perfect net for scooping large fish, and also the net has wide meshes that are rubber coated, and do not damage the fish. When unpacking the net from the box you immediately feel the heavy-duty quality, and that is actually a must because a net-like this has to perform every time when the moment comes, landing that fish of a lifetime!

The net consists of a super-strong solid net frame which is covered with extra strong rubber mesh material. The strong handle that is specifically designed for landing numerous Big Predators is made in one piece and can be shifted. In addition, the net is equipped with a special rubber handle for extra convenience and comfort, and the net has a beautiful black and red color scheme. This net is collapsible, foldable, or whatever you want to call it, and therefore perfect for the boat angler who likes to save some space, but also for those who fish from shore and like to have a large net with them, but not the inconvenience and dragging a large landing net around.

Because let’s face it, the Abu Garcia BEAST Net Foldable is just Massive! I own the 80x70cm version, and it is perfect for Pike or Zander fishing, as well as any other predator that totally disappears in the sea of space this net offers. A Pike of 2 meters, as the Gaby Fish Pillow Giant Pike shows, fits easily into it. In turn, this net can also be used perfectly for fishing Catfish, as they simply disappear into the depth of the net!

No matter what your target is, this New Abu Garcia BEAST Net Foldable will be a fine companion during all of your fishing trips. Besides fishing from the boat, I regularly fish from the shore, and there this will certainly come in handy. While fishing from the shore, a Big Fish can appear, and it’s not always possible to land it by hand. Especially when fly-fishing for Pike from shore, a landing net like this can be an absolute delight.

All in all, the Abu Garcia BEAST Net Foldable is a very nice Predator net for a reasonable price as well. The net is available for around 80 euros, and that is very decent for a landing net this size!