Berkley Fishing never fails to deliver quality products year after year, and for this year they have updated their line arsenal with the Brand New Sick Lines! This range of lines consists of Braid X8, Fluorocarbon, Monofilament, and a cross between Braid and Fluorocarbon for the lighter game anglers among us. The best in the industry just got much better!

”A wide range of New lines for the angler to use”

Berkley Sick X8 PE braid is a super smooth high-performance line with low stretch and high knot strength. Because of the Nano coating with microcrystalline polymer, it is very abrasion-resistant. SICK lines are perfect for Pike fishing in the higher diameters above 0.19mm! The line has Zero stretches for exceptional sensitivity and helps you catch fish in the most challenging conditions. Besides this Sick Braid, X8 has a superior Knot Strength and Berkley Sick strand PE lines ensure rock solid and secure knots. Its High Performance and made for long distances, Sick lines are provided with high-tech Nano Microcrystalline that offers great high abrasion resistance and extreme smoothness for further casting.

”Designed what it is made for, targeting Big Fish”

Secondly, there is the New Berkley Sick Fluorocarbon Leader which is very strong on the knot, and almost invisible underwater, and it makes the perfect leader when fishing for lighter style flies for example in smaller waters fishing for Pike with the 33lb version. Very often you will be fishing close to mussels, rocks, or other obstacles that can snap your line, Berkley Sick Fluorocarbon will be a very tough protection against those dangers.

”Supple, tough yet invisible underwater”

And last but not least the New Berkley Sick Monofilament line specially for predator fishing is extremely strong, high knot strength, and low on stretch. Usually mono wouldn’t be something I’d fish for Pike on the Fly but sometimes a softer approach can make or break your day. This monofilament line runs up to 40lb and that would be the exact type of line to be used in heavy conditions fishing large flies for Pike on a setup where flexibility needs to excel, and often fluorocarbon can’t deliver that due to its stiffness.