Headbanger Lures, the Swedish brand known from FlyvsJerk and constantly releasing quality baits has yet again released a NEW Bait for 2023. The BangerShad comes in both 22 & 27cm. I already had the privilege of testing some samples late last year and was pleasantly surprised by its run-in-the-water. This soft bait has a fairly large body, but it is also slim, which makes it perfect to fold in half when the Pike attacks the bait, nevertheless, it has a really nice swimming action in the water that is both eye-catching as it is realistic!

With outstanding colors and a slim body design, the Headbanger BangerShad really shines!

As mentioned above one of the standout features of the BangerShad 27 cm is its design. This soft bait has a slim body that allows it to move in a lifelike way in the water. I got to test the largest version, namely the 27cm, and despite the fact that it is a large body profile bait, the soft bait has been kept fairly swim. This makes it ideal to fish in the striking zone above deeper water. Like all of my soft bait, I had also rigged the BangerShad with The System from Pikecraft Fishing and this combination proved to be a match made in heaven. The System makes the BangerShad 27cm swim perfectly straight in the water, thus giving it a very natural swimming action. The large and oversized paddle tail from this soft bait also pushes a lot of water and makes it a great attractor to any Pike.

The System from Pikecraft Fishing, BKK Hooks, and a modified Headbanger Rig fits perfectly together!

What I like especially about the BangerShad is the fact that it is so slim, and this really enables you as mentioned earlier to fish it above deeper water. Imagine fishing any body of water where fish are suspended halfway in the water column, that is where the BangerShad comes to mind. Especially fished with The System you can easily fish this soft bait in the 5 – 6m range, and that is very deep for any soft bait. I have fished it with 20 or even 30-gram leads and that worked like a charm on a slow retrieve.

The BangerShad 27 cm is available in a range of different colors, including dirty roach, fire tiger, and gold head amongst others. The range of colors that Headbanger Lures have used on this bait really stands out and there are some fantastic color combinations included. This soft bait is also not that heavy, and with only 77 grams perfect to fish on a lighter setup as well. It can be fished super shallow, and fast, so it is a search bait to scout different area’s as well.

The BangerShad comes in a great range of eye-catching colors!

One thing that directly will catch your eye, or should I say hands is the durability of the BangerShad. As it is in fact very durable and the pain won’t fade. The flexibility of the bait also enhances its durability and the overall ability to fold in half quickly on a strike makes setting the hook even easier. This soft bait can be fished in a range of different ways, including casting and trolling so the possibilities are endless! Also, there is a pre-opened slot in the mouth of the bait, so any shallow screw can be inserted with ease. Where this bait is so slim it could be tricky to insert any screw, but at Headbanger they have already tackled this potential problem, so rigging the BangerShad is super easy!

Nothing but quality together!

Made of durable and phthalate-free plastics, the Headbanger BangerShad is a bait full of life. It has a waggling action with lots of belly flash and can be retrieved at any speed. The paddle tail kicks at extremely slow retrieves and the bait has amazing action on the drop. Featuring a detailed scale exterior, the BangerShad can be rigged any way you prefer, and the original stingers that are made by Headbanger Lures I have easily modified to fit The System from Pikecraft Fishing. Another option that can be done is to combine The Rockerheads with The System, and this I have made simple by adding a split ring, and one of the XXL Screw Snaps also from Pikecraft. This enables a quick change rig system that can be used in literally a wide variety of different ways!

The Rockerhead combined with The System, quick change and easy to use!

All in all the Headbanger Lures BangerShad is a really welcome addition to the already wide available range of soft baits used for Pike fishing. With the addition of this soft bait, there has once again been a possible legendary bait released to the market, and one thing is for sure Headbanger Lures never fails to deliver when it comes to this. This innovative fishing brand from Sweden is certainly one to look out for in the coming years! Below is a link to the swimming action that this bait offers. Markus from Headbanger Lures Shows you exactly what the BangerShad is all about!

Christian Drost