PAC 30

Stories of the country’s largest fish, landmark waters and accounts from some of the country’s leading pike anglers, all bonded ‘for the love of Esox’ and the realisation that the PAC is the body to protect their chosen quarry. The PAC sincerely wish that you too are inspired by this book and will add your voice to the battles ahead by joining the only club dedicated to the promotion of pike and pike fishing (written, obviously, by the PAC…).

Contributions from Barrie Rickards, Derrick Amies, Dave Lumb, Steve Gould, James Holgate, Dave Horton, Phil Wakeford, John Watson, Wayne Thomas, Steve Ormrod, Scott Davidson, Chris Donovan, Pete Climo, Roy Lewis, Mick Brown, Denis Moules, Graham Slater, John Synnuck, Steve Taylor, Eric Edwards, Mark Skinner, Bill Palmer, John Neafcy, Neville Fickling, Mark Barrett, Steve Brown, Steve Rogowski, Steve Rodwell, Chris Bishop.

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