Pike fishing in the 80’s

At the time of publication, Neville Fickling was a Severn Trent Fisheries Inspector, angler of note and pioneer zander specialist. In this book he gives an account of his experiences to date in search of specimen pike, with lots of good advice and analysis.

Fickling went on to become a household name in the pike fishing world with this book being generally regarded as his finest work. Chapters include: Beginnings; About the pike; Basics – Pike tackle; Putting the tackle together and using it!, Handling, unhooking and conservation, Livebaiting, Deadbaiting, Lures by Trevor Moss; Hotspots, feeding periods and prebaiting.

Different waters and horses for courses – Fenland drains, Fenland rivers, Rivers, Small still waters, Gravel pits, Lakes, meres and broads, Reservoirs, Lochs and loughs, Trout waters and artificial pike waters. A list of Fickling’s captures over 20lbs is appended, as is a useful bibliography referencing mostly magazine articles.

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