Pike: the predator becomes the prey

Considered one of Bailey’s best books and certainly one of the better pike fishing books.

With good contributions from Vic Bellars, Gord Burton & Frank Pennington, George Higgins, Mick Brown, Bob Mousley, Paul Snepp & Steve Harper. Chapters include: Our stories; Getting to grips with larger pike, Advanced developments in methods and techniques, The Fens, Two inventive pikers, One way with Fenland pike, Lochs and loughs, Lomond and the lochs of Scotland, An approach to Irish loughs, Trolling English style, River pike, Big river piking, Piking on the Wessex rivers, A new River Waveney record, Large stillwaters, The drifting technique, Reservoirs, gravel pits and large lakes, Jack livebaits, Norfolk Broadlands, Broadland piking, The challenge of Broadland, A modern Broadland master, Always Broadland masters, The final meeting.

A MUST have classic book that every Pike angler should have in their collection!

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