Spending as much time on the water as possible, It’s what’s fishing is all about! Quality time on the water, out in the open, out in nature. These days with modern technology the sky is truly the limit. When it comes to float tube fishing for Pike, Big Pike I like to spend a great amount of time searching with the Fly-Rod for True Specimen, and with my Raymarine Element 7, I have access to some of the highest quality fishfinder on the market today, as well as having all the technology close to hand such as SideVision, DownVision and ofcourse my Navionics Relief shading!

It might not surprise you that the fishfinder unit mentioned above is a power-consuming monster. So much technology comes at a price, and that is power. When it comes to fishing on big water, especially with Fly-Fishing I’d like to take as less gear with me as possible, so everywhere I can reduce the weight that is a bonus. Now the Raymarine Element 7 isn’t as power-consuming as its larger brothers, but still, a device that needs a powerful battery!

Over the years I have tried numerous batteries that included normal AGM, lead-acid batteries, as well as Lithium, but for me, there is only one quality product, and that is LifePO4. Besides the fact that these batteries are more powerful and therefore also handle a larger voltage throughout the drainage of the battery on any given day, they are also way safer than traditional Lithium, and in a lightweight package.

”Lightweight to fit in the palm of your hand”

The Raymarine Element 7 that I have on my float tube is a medium-sized fishfinder with all the technology you can possibly wish for, and as mentioned to keep it going, you’ll need a powerful battery. These days I use the Brand-New Voltium Energy LifePO4 12v9ah battery, and

it works like an absolute charm. The drainage of this battery with the Element 7 is around 0.6ah so with the 9 amp-hour it provides you can fish approximately 14+ hours which is more than enough.

”A handy app that shows you all the info you’ll need”

Voltium Energy provides an app for its users that works on both iOS as it does on android, and it’s a super useful and above all handy little tool to see how much time you have left on the water, but also when charging to see how much time is left, plus you can see the exact power drain, temperature, voltage and not unimportant, the cycles of many times you’ve used it.

The 12v9ah is LifePO4 battery is perfect for medium-sized fish finders who have an average power draw of 0.5 – 1 amp hour, to give you plenty of time out fishing. You will definitely not be disappointed by the super high quality that this battery holds, and there’s a massive plus, it retails for Under 100 euro! When it comes to float tube fishing, this is the Ultimate battery you’ll need. Below is a data sheet with all the specifications!