PoweryMax, The Power of Lithium Batteries. As the name already explains, this brand is all about compact lithium power. PoweryMax is a Brand-New company, who finds its roots in Spain, and has some truly exciting products in its product arsenal. If you haven’t heard of this brand yet, you are really missing out. For anyone who fishes modern days’ electronics, these batteries are a Must-Have!!

Since September 2020 I’ve been using the PoweryMax PX Lithium batteries with great satisfaction. And having tested them over the past season all I can say is that they are absolutely amazing. If you look at other competitors out there this company is really something special. What makes them so special is that they have delivered a super high-quality product, but kept it at an affordable price for anyone to buy.

”Everything you’ll need in one box”

What also makes the PoweryMax PX series of batteries so unique is their overall performance, but above all build quality and user-friendly performance out on the water. In this article, the PX 5 / PX 10 & PX 25 will be featured!

PoweryMax sells many products, but the most important one is the PX series. All batteries are 12volt and come in different amp-hour rates. The PX5 for example is a 12volt 5 amp Lithium battery. This batter is super lightweight. In fact, it weighs ONLY 330gr so it’s absolutely perfect for float tube fishing, or anywhere else you want to go and travel light. Besides the fact that this battery is designed for fish-finders, you can also hook it up to a dual USB port so you can charge anything that draws USB power, such as your phone, power bank, GoPro, or even a MacBook through its Thunderbolt port through USB. The possibilities are endless. The male-to-female power plug is really handy as well. It can be secured with a screw that makes the whole connection waterproof, so you don’t ever have to worry about malfunctions in the power supply.


”All you get in the box with the PX5 for a ridiculous low price”

So what do you get when you buy a PoweryMax PX5? All the above! Yes, believe it or not, you will get all the existing products shown above when you buy a PX 5 12v5amp Lithium battery. So the battery comes straight out of the box with a charger and a power kit. And what’s really exciting is also the price, at some retailers they go for ONLY 69 euro. So that’s really a steal of a deal!

”The Raymarine Element 7 also runs great on both PX5 & PX10 Powerymax Batteries”

I’ve hooked the PX5 up to different fishfinder units. It is really powerful for a Lithium battery of this size. In fact, I’ve run a Raymarine Element 7 on it for a full day of fishing. I was out fly-fishing with my float tube for Big Pike and have had 8 hours of non-stop power on this battery. Of course, the screen wasn’t to its full brightness, but I had that one set to around 70-80% of the capacity so to still get so many hours out of this battery is unique. I’ve also had it hooked up to a Humminbird Helix 5 & 7 and the battery performed flawless there as well.

”Humminbird Helix 7 MEGA SI GPS with the PoweryMax PX10”

Usually, when I’m going out on the water I know how much time I’ll spend boating around, but sometimes that’s all the question. For these types of situations when taking a medium size fishfinder with me, I reach out to the PoweryMax PX10. The PX 10 gives 12volt10amp hour and is really a Beast. In fact, it has quickly become a favorite. Again the PX10 Lithium battery comes with the same accessories as the PX5 shown earlier. It comes with a charger included in the box and a power kit. The installation is really easy to do and a quick install. The PX10 weighs only 650gr and retails for around 119euro, which again is a true bargain for a battery of this capacity and size.”15amp of power in one hand, the PX5 & PX10 sizes are amazing”

But the real flagship of the PoweryMax PX series has to be the PoweryMax PX25! This battery is an absolute Monster of a battery. with 12volt and 25amps is perfect to power all of your high consumption fishfinder units and more. I have used this battery many times out from the boat on the big water and got it hooked up to a Humminbird Helix 9 MEGA SI+ with almost full-screen brightness, and it performed flawlessly. In fact sometimes when I only fished for a couple of hours and went to charge it at midnight, the battery wasn’t even drained, so the green light said it didn’t need any charging. I’ve fished it throughout the coldest months of the year, and where usually batteries in cold weather perform less, this Lithium performed more. It’s crazy when you think about it, it has the same size as a lead-acid 12v7amp battery, but offers so much more power! And the best is yet to come, this battery Also retails for a ridiculously low price of Only 169 euro, that is including a charger, and power kit to attach it to Any fishfinder on the market, plus it only weights 1,6kg! With this battery hooked up to my Helix 9 I got around 12-15 hours on the water.

”The PX25 is a Great fit for the Humminbird Helix 9”

Probably the most exciting thing for all the batteries in the PoweryMax PX series is the fact that all of them are waterproof. Of course, you shouldn’t put them into the water, but when it’s raining outside, or the air is moist, they are absolutely fine. The Lithium battery cells and protection system are safe from bad weather thanks to its fully sealed silicone-based cover wrapped in a portable case, allowing you to transport it anywhere without fear of getting it wet. Its fully waterproof cables use threaded wire connectors and joints, so you never have to worry about a power shortcut on the water.

Watch the video below where I’ll show you all about these great batteries and you can see for yourself how really compact they are!



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