Fly-Fishing on large bodies of water, along with my float tube, being one with nature, no one around, just chasing Giants, that’s what I love the most. No matter the conditions, being out there is what matters. For many years I’ve been fishing from the float tube all around, and have always gone without a flotation vest. I didn’t feel the threat of falling in, simply because my feet were already in the water, but for a while now I’ve started to wear one because you might need it when you least expect it..

Since last year I started wearing a Spinlock Deckvest LITE. The main goal with wearing a floatation vest was that it had to be comfortable, yet rigid and safe to withstand the harshest conditions. The Deckvest LITE by Spinlock is a super high-quality floatation vest, yet you barely feel it on your body. Especially when Fly-Fishing free movement is everything and it was also with that in mind that I ended up choosing this lifevest.

The Spinlock Deckvest LITE has a floatation buoyancy of 170N which doesn’t seem a lot, but it is more than enough for the sole purpose of fishing large bodies of water with already a wading suit on. The waders when hit the water will also fill up with air themselves so you’ll have double floatation being, well afloat. The Deckvest LITE uses a UML Mk5 Inflator which is a water-sensitive activation system that uses a compressed paper capsule that dissolves when wet and then releases a spring to puncture the CO2 cylinder. The cap is designed so that only water flowing upwards through the unit will cause it to activate. Water, spray, and rain running down the jacket will not cause activation.

”Free movement and easy to grab fish out of the water due to its flat design”

Because of the way the Deckvest LITE has been designed with its very low weight of only 860gr, you will barely feel it on your body. Like I said it is very comfortable to wear and will not get in the way on a day of fishing. It has a neoprene neck panel for extra comfort and on windy days and especially the colder ones this gives you a nice extra warmth. The vest has a lightweight low profile design which makes wearing it almost feel like it’s part of your body and due to the easy convertible straps this vest is a one size fits all! Below are some specs:

New clean, contemporary design with new colours for 2022

• Deckvest LITE now available in Black Graphite, Pacific Blue, Flow Green, New Bleach White, New Seagrass Green and New Mercury Red
• Deckvest LITE+ available in Black Graphite and New Sun Yellow

• Designed for the perfect fit – every time
• Lightweight low profile
• Durable honeycomb ripstop cover fabric
• Automatic inflating lifejacket
• 170N (38lbs) buoyancy (275N available LITE+ black only)
• Easy side donning
• One size
• Single crotch strap with recessed clip reduces risk of snagging
• Webbing end tidy
• Muted highly reflective panel detail
• Neoprene neck panel for added comfort
• Deckvest LITE+ has an integrated deck safety harness with a soft loop safety line attachment point.
• Toggle attachment point for Chest Pack
• Attachment point for kill cord or VHF leash
• Easily converts to ‘manual only’ firing head with a Manual Conversion Kit
• Through Life Support (TLS) Registration extends product warranty to 5 years

I luckily didn’t have to test its ability and behavior in the water yet, but the Spinlock Deckvest LITE is certainly a floatation vest that I can highly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable yet safe piece of equipment. Especially for fishing from a float tube, or kayak, it is the perfect piece of safety gear that you might want to use. When boat fishing I usually never wear one, because falling overboard has yet never happened to me, but during the colder months when casting in heavier winds or simply in freezing conditions I more and more tend to lean towards wearing one. Often alone on the water, this piece of safety equipment can and will literally make or break your day, and it is wise to consider the benefits of having access to this kind of extra safety.

”The Spinlock Deckvest LITE comes in a wide variety of different colors”

So if you are in the market for a new floatation vest, simply looking to get one that is both comfortable as is reliable and doesn’t break the bank, and suits you in style for the occasion on the water, then the Spinlock Deckvest LITE is definitely something I can recommend! You will hardly feel it on your body, but when the time comes that you’ll need it, it’s only one pull away from safety!

”Safety first and a nice reward”