When natural materials and artificial materials meet, usually there’s something special going on. The same can be said for Black Bay Fishing Gear’s BlackBug. This particular bait made from deer hair and with a soft plastic tail gives the fish a really unique taste, and it is exactly that what makes fishing with it so interesting!

The BlackBug combined with a custom Rooster Tail

As told by the guys from Black Bay Fishing Gear, The BlackBug is a hybrid lure designed for pike fishing, but extremely effective also with all the other large freshwater predators. A lure that is well suited to countless fishing situations: perfect for hunting pike over big weed beds or on the deeper drop-off, but also for those fish that lives pelagic around a large school of baitfish. The quick interchangeable system of the tails and related accessories makes the BlackBug a versatile lure, that quickly changes and adapts to any fishing situation. It weights 85gr so it can be either fished on a medium or heavy setup and with its interchangeable tails, the length can vary to your own personal preference!

Hooked Up on the BlackBug with the Double Tail

Anyone who’s within the scene of the fishing industry, and especially that one which involves all-around pike fishing, knows that the so-called ”mouse” like baits really pull in fish. Their unique movement in the water is unlike anything else on the market and it is no different for this bait. The BlackBug is truly a Unicorn in the world of pike & musky baits, and also performs like one. You will feel this straight away when you grab it out of the package. Originally it comes with a single curly tail, but later on, the bait can be changed to either a Single Tail, Double Tail, or Rooster Tail. Where Black Bay Fishing Gear offers different tails in a wide variety of colors, the sky is truly the limit when it comes down to colors, sizes, and variations. With only one BlackBug you can tackle any situation, by making it a large, or medium-sized bait with only one twist!

Different sizes of Double Tails

As you can see from the picture above the two baits are practically the same. The biggest difference is the tail. The head of the BlackBug is the same. But by varying tails, you can instantly create a different action and profile. Even if the tails are the same, in this case, a double, the baits will move totally differently in the water. There is a simple explanation for this, and that is that every BlackBug is a unique product. Unlike the other regular Mouse creations on the market, the BlackBug moves in a very different way. The first thing that comes to mind while looking at it is that the hook eye is placed on top, and the loop is facing upwards.

The BlackBug in Purple & Black combined with different color tails

This gives the BlackBug its unique jigging action. Another thing is that the head is actually weighted, which enhances that same jigging action. This works especially great to fish it in deeper water, but as you would want to fish it in the 4-6m range or around 20 feet deep, you can always enhance it with The Leadclip by Pikecraft Fishing. This clip has already brought in a lot of easiness to fish it down deep, and really deep. As with weights up to 30gr, the sky or should I say the abyss down below is truly the limit. The Leadclip adds value to the BlackBug, as it boosts its jigging action, and makes it a super deadly bait in the water that no fish can resist!

The Leadclip from Pikecraft Fishing perfectly matches the BlackBug

Right away you have a completely different bait compared to all the others on the market. And when I say that it is unique, trust me on it. It is! The BlackBug is the real deal, and that also goes quality-wise. The bucktail material used is of super high quality, and won’t fall out even after several hooked fish. The eyes placed on top of the bait are rock solid, and also feel this way. Not unimportant when you are spending long days on the water. You want a quality product. The BlackBug is all of that. From front to back, this bait is covered with quality, just like any of the other products at Black Bay Fishing Gear. The whole bait feels very solid, the terminal tackle that has been used is second to none, and the BKK Hooks Spear-21 SS in size 2/0 completely finishes it off.

Quality packaging and products inside!

The BlackBug is offered in eight color variations, and with the available tails the possibilities to combine one and other to each other is simply endless. This makes it truly unique, and one of a kind. Another unique feature of the BlackBug is that you can actually get it close to floating, even if it has a nose-down jigging action. Black Bay Fishing Gear has developed a special BlackBug Floater that can be added on the back of the bait, so basically when the tail is screwed off, and then added on. The thick EVA foam will stay on the screw after many fish, and is yet again a quality product, simple, but thoughtfully designed to do what it’s made for.

The BlackBug Floater in 30mm makes it run higher in the water column

Standard straight out of the packaging the BlackBug comes with its own harness that is basically the same as on the BB Trigger-21 stinger from BKK Hooks, but I have chosen to cut it off and make my own rig. The consists of a double swivel in size XL from Pikecraft Fishing, with a split ring on each end. Not only enables this the rear hook to be more flexible once hooked up, but the fish will also stay on longer because of this, and on the flip side it is much easier to change tails. The same goes for the front hook, where I have chosen to add an extra split ring, so the pike will have even more trouble throwing out the bait in battle. These are just some simple adjustments that you can do as well, and the BlackBug can be customized the way you want it, but this modification has proven to work great!

The BlackBug modified with the Double Swivel XL from Pikecraft Fishing