In the world of rigging softbaits, countless ideas and new designs go hand in hand, but there’s one design that has taken the market by storm, and that is The System from German company Pikecraft Fishing. Owner by Volker Radwan who is an avid Pike fisherman himself, and developed with great care and thoughtfulness The System is a TRULY revolutionary product, and it is exactly this product that is already responsible for countless Monster Pike catches around Europe and beyond. It enables the angler to fish just about any type of softbait in a way that keeps its original action, and above all makes it super easy to rig and fish. In this article, the Gigabite V2 from Swedish company ULM will be highlighted to show you just how versatile this ”System” really is!

The System and everything else you’ll need in one box”

ULM’s Gigabite V2 is yet another Swedish-designed softbait that has a second to none look, but also action in the water. The color scheme really hits the eye and is carefully picked to tackle all kinds of circumstances on the water. There are two sizes of the Gigabite V2 consisting of 25 & 21cm, so for every occasion on the water, there is something here. The Gigabite V2 is made from high-quality rubber that will be able to withstand the teeth of Esox, and the colors hold up as well. Straight out of the package it doesn’t come rigged, but in this article just that will be highlighted! For the hooks and softbait rig I use only The Best materials on the market, namely The Stinger Rig from Pikecraft Fishing, its terminal tackle, and of course BKK Hooks!

”Everything you’ll need in one box! BKK Hooks Spear-21UVO & Spear-21SS on The Stinger Rig

The Gigabite V2 21cm is straight out of the package a bait without an internal harness and rig attached to make it run whatever depth you want in order to fish it. I have rigged it with The System on both baits which you can view below have a little weight on top, to make it run in the 2,5 – 4m range. You can either fish it slow or fast, depending on personal preferences, but also switch out weights or use it with a shallow screw only. The System from Pikecraft Fishing alongside all its products is compatible with one another so the possibilities are endless. You can also see I used two different hooks regarding trebles, namely the Spear-21UVO & Spear-21SS. Again personal preference, every bait is customized.

”The System & ULM Gigabite V2 21cm looks super hot”

What you can see from the two rigs above is that they are identical yet the trebles are different. I have chosen to use two BKK Hooks Spear-21UVO for the darker styled bait and two BKK Spear-21SS for the lighter and brighter softbait. You can of course change the rigs to your preferences and change them for every kind of bait. The Stinger Rig from Pikecraft Fishing is a multi-purpose rig that fits baits in the range of 20-25cm perfectly. In one box you can basically fit everything from stingers to screws and weights, so no matter what your goal is you will always have the perfect rig right on hand! The Gigabite V2’s shown below from ULM is a great companion and will enable you to fish outside the box, and catch your dream fish at any time!