Fly-Fishing is a Hot topic these days, and what’s even Hotter is the global market when it comes to Esox Fly-Fishing! The current arsenal of rods is truly incredible and amongst all the brands available on the market there is one brand that has always been in my personal Top 5, and that’s Taylor Fly-Fishing. This US-based brand is on top of the line when it comes to innovative and above all new products they’ve launched over the past few years and their Truth Z is yet another masterpiece from their stable! Nordic Fly Fishing Distribution in Sweden is the European Distributor of this great brand and has many other unique brands in its portfolio!

”Pure Beauty”

Taylor Fly-Fishing’s New Truth Z is the successor to their old range which was called the Truth. The New Truth Z is truly a work of art when it comes to looks, but also performance. The rod is fast action like you have never felt before. Normally, fast action rods are heavier in physical weight with an additional feeling of swing weight; This rod utilizes graphene technology to produce a fast action rod that feels like it defies the laws of physics. The rod is accurate near and far, generates high line speeds, shoots straight, and is incredibly light in the hand. We held nothing back in the design, construction, and materials in the Truth Z series.

”Nothing but the Best! The New Truth Z is one badass rod for Pike on the Fly”

Taylor’s Truth Z comes in a very sturdy and fine-looking aluminum rod tube, the dark finish with white and grey accents looks really class, and when sliding the rod out of the tube you can immediately feel the amount of thoughtfulness that has been put in the development of this rod. Unlike many other brands, the rod actually comes in a fine and soft rod sack and it’s all made for protection. Upon sliding the rod out of the sock the first and foremost thing you will notice is how incredibly lightweight this rod is.

”A Superb combination of balance and performance together with the Taylor Revolt 10-12

Many fly-rods in the heavier section of WF weights from 10-12 are often a little on the heavier side, but this rod in class 11 is not and that will truly make the difference on the water. The Truth Z is equipped with Cericoil Titanium rod guides which not only help to reduce the weight but also make it very durable. The insert of the Cericoil Titanium guides & Titanium recoil single guides makes casting a dream and helps shoot the line to greater distances.

”Cericoil Titanium Guides make all the difference”

As far as the rest of the rod goes the blank is as mentioned made from Graphene, strong, and lightweight and the fast action with ultra-fast recovery speed makes one heck of a badass rod for Monster Pike on the Fly! Even before fishing you will feel the power of the rod blank, switching it around, the overall build quality and looks make this rod fish like a tank.

”Made for Esox Fly Fishing”

The action vs flexibility when casting makes it great to set the hook short and long-distance on big fish and also enables the angler to set the hook hard every time without hesitation. It is often just that what literally can make or break a fly rod, many rods cannot handle the sheer pressure of hooking big fish, let alone fighting one, but the Truth Z is really what I’ve been searching for all these years. An all-in-one solution to fish Monster Pike on the fly, without compromises!

”Great attention to detail has been paid on the reel seat and the Taylor Revolt 10-12 makes a perfect fit”

Coming from my personal experience of all those years on the water chasing giant fish I can truly say one thing or many more that this rod is an absolute gem. I have never experienced such a smooth casting ability in any rod on the market before, and although it is an eleven-weight, it feels more like dry fly fishing with this rod. The ability to cast is just smooth like butter, and even if you are not an avid fly caster or face shoulder fatigue this rod feels like effortlessly fishing all day long. It is just so lightweight, and as mentioned before in combination with the Taylor Revolt 10-12 reel a unique combination.

”A great rod and a Big Pike, it doesn’t get any better”

My style of fly fishing included boat fishing as it does fishing from a float tube or from the bank. Casting around large bulky flies can be a tiring business at times, but this rod makes it an absolute pleasure to fish. I cannot stress enough how great the blank from the Truth Z truly is. Over the course of the season, I had several false takes from large Pike, that required a special hookset.

”The perfect ratio performance vs accuracy when casting”

When the rods are too stiff you won’t hit a thing when strip-strike setting the hook, because as stated before they are often too hard. When the fly rod is too soft you will not hit much ground either, because what happens then is that the rod absorbs the energy you put into the hookset when handling large fish on the fly. The overall performance from the Truth Z is just about the perfect balance between sensitivity, stiffness, and lightweight but still parabolic enough to handle the largest freshwater predators on the fly!

”Beauty and High Quality performance at its Very Best”

As mentioned before the Truth Z that I’ve been using over the course of the season is in class 11, and can handle any type of line you want to throw. The rod excels with heavy sinking lines because then you can really feel its power. And the power it does have! This rod is available in lighter classes also but for the Big water Pike on the fly, I can highly recommend going with the 11 weight. I’m sure you won’t be let down once you feel the beauty of a fly rod on the water, and once you’ll hook into that fish of a lifetime, you will know enough, this is a rod for life to experience many great adventures out on the water!

The Taylor Fly-Fishing Truth Z is available through Nordic Fly-Fishing Distribution in Sweden to retailers all over Europe and can be bought in the most popular Fly-Shops alike. Click on the logo down below for more info about the company and the products!