In this episode of EsoxOnly TV, we are joined by Tyler Befus from the USA. Tyler is an avid Fly-Fisherman, Fly-Tyer as well as being the Marketing Manager behind would famous brand Hedron Flashabou. In this video, he shows you one of his favorite Pike Flies, called the ”Flashtail Whistler”. A versatile Fly to be used under a wide variety of conditions.

List of materials used in this video:

Hook: Kona BGC 2/0
Thread: 210 Denier White UTC & 140 Denier Orange UTC
Eyes: Your choice of lead, bead chain or non-toxic dumbbell eyes
Flash: Hedron Original Flashabou in Silver
Tail / Body: White Bucktail
Lateral Line: Red Saddle Hackle
Collar: Red Saddle Hackle
Dubbing: SLF Fl. Pink Prism Dubbing