Esox lucius

Esox lucius or ”Northern Pike” is the only species of the five member Esox family wich has a wide geographical and enviromental range. Pike are found in North America, Europe and Russia. It’s a freshwater fish but can be also found in the brackish waters around the baltic sea. Known over the world by many, Pike provide more action for the angler, worldwide, than any other sportfish. Female Pike can reach lenghts up to 140cm, while male Pike don’t grow bigger than 85cm. Pike are the ”coolest of the cool” and prefer cold water. That’s because the big ones are found in the deep. Big Pike don’t like warm water, and therefore you find smaller fish in the shallows. Of course this may vary in spring, when they swim onto the shallows to spawn when the water reaches a temperature of 9 degrees, but the majority of the year, you’ll find them deep. But don’t worry, they will come up for your lure!

Pike are coloured olive green with yellow flakes and are white around the belly. The flank is marked with little spots. The fins are kinda red sometimes. Young pike may have green stripers around their bodies, and when they grow bigger, beautiful markings start to appear. Pike are truly beautiful fish. They can be very agressive when it comes to feeding. Especially when food sources are rare, it’s not uncommon for them to feed on eachother. I’ve had various encounters with small fish hooked, when all of a sudden a bigger fish tried to eat it. Hungry Pike feed on anything that comes within reach of their jaws. With a torpedo like shape, it’s the ultimate predator!

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