Lure Fishing

A detailed look at lure presentation and tactics for pike, zander, perch and chub in rivers and stillwater. This book is an accumulation of twenty-five years of trial and error, and the defining and honing of a few basic methods on thousands of fish.

Reading this book and putting into practice its no-nonsense advice will certainly improve your lure fishing skills and help you catch more fish, more your effectiveness. The lure will not have changed, but what you do with the lure most certainly will have. (from the foreword by Neville Fickling).

A brilliant thought-provoking tome that everyone should read, whether a proficient lure chucker or learner (Jeff Woodhouse – fishingmagic). Chapters include: What really matters, Lure control, casting, Lure control, retrieving, Lure control, structure, Basic tackle, Lure types, Lure colour, Good lures, Strategy, an overview, Searching, Bagging up, Scratching, Pike specifically, Time management, Never stop learning

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