Mammoth Pike

In August of 1979, Neville Fickling bough a copy of Fred Buller’s ”The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike”.

Of all the books on pike that he read, it was one that would be revisited time and again and the true test of the greatness of a book is whether it is read again and again. But Fred Buller’s interests have moved elsewhere within an angling history and he has no wish to update his earlier book. And so after initial doubts Neville decided to produce ”Mammoth Pike” a book that many fellow pike anglers had often expressed a wish to see published.

For many years Neville compiled the NASA top 50 pike list. He has also kept a record of all British and Irish pike over 38lbs. To expand his records to pike over 35lbs was a monumental task, for there have been a great number of such fish caught since 1979. It has taken over two years to complete bu fortunately Neville fished some of the waters wich have contributed many of these pike over 35lbs, and so it has been easier to collect the information.

”Mammoth Pike” includes the details of over 450 pike recorded in excess of 35lbs. The rod and line captures are recorded in descending order of weight and an appendix is included with information which includes non-rod and line-caught fish and even some fish which are ”difficult to believe”.

Fred Buller’s ”The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike” has become an angling classic. This book continues where Fred Buller concluded in 1979. It too will become essential reading for all pike fisherman and will fire their enthusiasm to add to the list of ”Mammoth Pike”

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