More Mammoth Pike

The long awaited sequel to The Domesday Book of Mammoth Pike, and the product of twenty-five years of extra research, with many more wonderful tales and captures of the ultimate predator.

For millions of anglers there is no fish quite like the Pike. It swims in their imaginations, a dark, marauding apparition, fuelling their quest to catch the big one, or even the biggest one.

Fred Buller has been back on the trail of these freshwater monsters and in ”More Mammoth Pike” he brings us not only new contenders for his renowned Big Pike List, but also previously unpublished information on some of the fish first featured in his highly acclaimed ”Domesday Book Of Mammoth Pike”.

Fred has written hundreds of letters and travelled to many locations on his continuing quest after this most feared predator.

This research has once again shown him to be without doubt the pre-eminent authority on all pike things and pike angling!

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