Pike and the Pike Angler

Pike can be found in more extensive areas of the world that any other freshwater fish. Their habitat covers much of the temperature pars of Europe, Asia and North America, and they probably attract more anglers than any other fish. In many European countries the pike is THE national sporting fish!

Ten years ago, after a lifetime devoted to the study of pike, Fred Buller set out the results of his researches in Pike, of wich Richard Walker, doyen of British Angling writers said ”It is the best book about a single species of fish that has ever been written”. Now he has produced a much larger and completely revised version of that classic work, based on his subsequent writings and his travels in such countries as the USSR, Poland, Germany, France and Canada.

Pike and the Pike Angler is full of facinating new material derived from lessons and lore accumulated during the five hundred year history of the sport.

The book is divided into three parts. The first deals with the natural history of the fish and includes chapters on breeding, growth, feeding, habits, hybrids and fossil pike. The second part of the book, devoted to Great Pike, features not only the latest version of the famous Buller Big Pike List of Britain and Ireland but also for the first time an eagerly awaited Big Pike List of Europe and America. This section also includes some marvellously entertaining and enlightening stories of some of the legendary monster pike. The third part is instructional and presents the most thorough and authorative survey of how to catch pike with sections on rigs and tackles and methods in wich deadbaiting, spinning, plug fishing, trailling and livebaiting are discussed, together with the appropriate rods, reels and knots. Appendices on Norfolk pike fishing by Bill Giles and related forms of pike and their history by the Canadian scientist E.J. Crossman complete this superb book wich is profusely illustrated throughout with photographs and line drawings. Fred Buller’s most schoraly but readable book will certainly remain the definitive work on the subject for the foreseeable future.

In other words, if you are a serious angler and looking for a classic book that tells it all, than this is one not to be missed!!

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